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Tackle Tip: Catch More Porgies

For a fun day on the water, nothing beats a day of porgy fishing. They fight hard, are easy to catch, and loads of fun for the entire family. And, they are a great eating fish, which can be served up in many ways for the dinner table. Below are a few tips I have learned over the years that should add a few more fish to your bucket, and maybe save a few rigs too.

ROUND and BANK SINKERS for porgy fishing


This is a tip I actually learned from Capt. Scott Leonard of Top Gun Sportfishing Charters. A lot of times when porgy fishing, the bank sinker will get wedged into rough bottom. Capt. Scott prefers using bell sinkers with built-in swivels, rather than standard bank sinkers. The round shape, combined with the swivel, allows the sinker to roll off rocks and crevices and will reduce the risk of getting hung up.


Catching a double headers porgies


Every porgy angler likes to catch double-headers right? I sure do, but at times, just hooking one can be a task with these bait stealers. Over the years, I have found a somewhat surefire way to hook two. Drop your rig down, and when you feel the first bite, set the hook. Once one is hooked, leave the rig down, and wait for the feel of more weight. Then set the hook again and you should be fastened to a double header.


Most porgy anglers use a small piece of bait, and just hook it several times onto the hook


Most porgy anglers use a small piece of bait and just hook it several times onto the hook. I prefer a piece about two inches long, threaded onto the hook, with a small piece hanging off to entice a bite. In my opinion, this will allow a porgy to suck in the bait before it feels the hook. This will also improve your odds of catching a double-header.






Tackle Tips: Helpful Apps

There are five different apps I rely on to help plan my fishing strategies.

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Tackle Tip: Zip It Up!

A case can easily be made for the lowly zip-tie as being the unsung hero of the well-prepared angler’s kit here are some examples of its many uses.

tackle tip

Tackle Tip: Weight for It

Make a note of the weight on your jigs and lures to better know which one to throw next.