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Tale End: One Fluid Formation

The author shows off her catch (mahi) while enjoying a day her with her big, happy “one school of fish” family.

If someone were to ask me to pick something to represent my family, I’d say we would all be one school of fish.

A school of fish swims together as one fluid formation, with the movements of each fish as an essential part of the whole. Fish that swim in a school have team mentality. My family thrives off of a team mentality. Our clan works towards one common goal, and that is happiness.

Ever since I was young I have spent countless hours in and around the water. My father and I have bonded through hundreds of hours spent fishing; my mother and I through our long walks to find shells; and my siblings through our many “deep sea discoveries”, fishing competitions, and beach games. Living on an island all summer provides me with the opportunity to really connect with the water.

I entered my first fishing competition at the age of 5 alongside my brother and have been continuing this passion of mine ever since. I currently work at a marina and bait and tackle shop which has given me the opportunity to build on relationships, learn, and grow. Fishing has taught me patience and tranquility while at the same time grit and game. My love for fishing brought me to receive my boating license when I was 13 thriving this passion of mine.

When I was just 10 I learned how to scuba dive. The most important rule of scuba diving is to have a buddy system. One person never swims alone. In building a buddy system you need to have trust. Trust allows you to stay calm and tranquil while 60 feet underwater. In my family we trust each other, which allows us to thrive and swim together fluidly as one. I am preparing myself so that when I get separated from my family I can thrive.

When I take the next step of my life moving out to college I am prepared to prosper and build relationships. Although I will be out on my own and with a whole new school of people, some things will never change. I will always find my way back to my family, my school of fish.

Although the ocean has brought me many opportunities and endeavors, it is my family who brought me to love it. Through the beauty and opportunities provided by the ocean, my family has been united and together as one, like a school of fish.

Ellie May White is a 17-year-old high school senior who wrote this piece for her college essay; all of us at The Fisherman wish her the very best of luck in getting into her first choice of colleges!



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