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The Sunbeam Fleet Welcomes A New Vessel!

Captain Bob Wadsworth and the crew of the Sunbeam Fleet are excited to announce that a new boat has joined the fleet this year! Bob told us that they have had the new boat for a few years now and have been working on it when time allowed, originally a small ferry that ran between St. Croix and St. John in the Bahamas, the fiberglass Sunbeam VII is a lighter, faster version of its predecessor allowing for longer runs to new and exciting locations.

“The original plan was for this to be a refurb,” laughed Capt. Bob, “But once we got in there and started making improvements it became a full overhaul. Everything in that boat has been overhauled or completely replaced.” The Sunbeam V was a popular boat that ran in the fleet for 42 years. “It’s funny,” joked Capt. Bob, “The new boat has such a similar look and layout to the old one that our regular customers have been coming out and saying, ‘wow, you guys did a great job painting the boat this year!’ They don’t even realize it’s a different boat!”


Bob told me he likes to run these low profile boats because he doesn’t have to sit up in a tower and look down on the deck. “I like to get out there and talk to the anglers,” said Bob, “The one thing I love most, over and above the fishing, is getting to know the people, they are what makes this job so unique and interesting. It also helps me see what’s going on out there, I can see the lines better and make sure everyone is getting the most out of their fishing time with us.” The Sunbeam VII measures 73 feet in overall length and has a full capacity of 80 passengers – currently taking 45.

Something readers may not know about the Sunbeam Fleet is that Bob is a third generation charter captain fishing the same waters that his father and grandfather fished. I asked Bob if he was still fishing any of his grandfather’s secret spots, he said, “Secret spots don’t really exist anymore, but it is pretty cool to think I’m fishing the same waters he fished and still using the knowledge he passed down to me when I was just a little boy running around on deck.” Capt. Bob has been running trips out of Capt. John’s Sportfishing Center in Waterford, CT for 43 years and his family has been chartering these same waters for more than 75 years! And now his son is continuing in the family tradition! The Sunbeam Fleet runs five boats to meet the needs of their customers, from small group private charters, to corporate events to open boat ‘party’ fishing, Capt. Bob and his Sunbeam Fleet have it covered. So head on down to Waterford, check out the new boat, hop aboard and see what 75 years of knowledge and experience gets you. You won’t be disappointed.