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Hot Spots

2017 7 Barnegat Light Reef

Barnegat Light Reef

Easily accessible and perfectly productive for both small and large boaters, the Barnegat Light Reef is an easy 3.1-mile run straight east out of Barnegat Inlet.

2017 7 Hotspot Hortons

Hortons Point

Frequently referred to as the “Land of the Giants” for the big fluke taken here during the spring and summer, there are many more opportunities here that are overlooked by those just targeting fluke.

2017 6 Elberon Rocks

Elberon Rocks

All I know is that when I want to target doormat fluke during the summer months, I immediately head to the Elberon Rocks.

2017 6 Duck Island

Duck Island

The Patchogue and Menunketesuck rivers flow south through Westbrook, CT, and provide a forage base for several species of sport fish in the harbor.

2017 6 The Miller Wreck

The Miller Wreck

Sail approximately 13 miles southeast of Moriches Inlet to the coordinates above and you’ll be sitting smack over the Miller Wreck, which is the remains of a long ago sunken tug boat.

2017 5 The Pin Top Map

The Pin Top

Though it’s been hit or miss the past few years, when the boom or bust black drum bite in Delaware Bay is booming, one of the main hot spots for drummin’ includes the Pin Top.

2017 5 Eatons Neck Triangle

Eatons Neck Triangle

Those who fish the pristine waters of Long Island Sound’s Eaton’s Neck, which rests north of Northport Bay, should be familiar with the fishing grounds known as the Eaton’s Neck Triangle.

2017 4 Texas Tower 4

Texas Tower #4

Most offshore guys know about the Texas Tower; she went ghost in the last two years as the NOAA offshore buoy #44066 that marked the location went adrift on January 11, 2015, was retrieved on the following day, and then finally redeployed on November 17, 2015.

Pattagansett Lake

Pattagansett Lake, CT

Nestled between Upper Pattagansett Road to its north, and Route 1 to its south, Pattagansett Lake is a 128-acre, lazy-S-shaped body of water in East Lyme, Connecticut.

2017 4 Noyack Bay

Noyack Bay

Nestled between the North Haven Peninsula and Jessup Neck and southward of the western end of Shelter Island and part of the Peconic Bay estuary sits Noyack Bay.

Fortescue Beach Map

Fortescue Beach

As many of Jersey’s South/Central surfcasters turn up in force at the convergence of the Mullica and Great Bay, roughly 40 miles south as the osprey flies (and arguably a bit closer to the northern migratory arrival of spring stripers) lies Fortescue Beach along the northern bayshore of Delaware Bay.

2017 3 The Bloody Grounds

The Bloody Grounds

It’s fun and intriguing to imagine how the Bloody Grounds earned its crimson name. Visions of a pirate beheading, collision…

Constellation Rock

Constellation Rock

Head 2-1/2 miles southeast from the eastern tip of Plum Island and you’ll come to nun buoy 2 otherwise known a Constellation Rock.

2017 2 Collins Cove

Collins Cove

Rolling the dice on ice is chancy for sure when contemplating hardwater ventures in South Jersey; doubly so if said swim is influenced by the lunar-driven rise and fall of the tidewaters below the Trenton-to-Point Pleasant demarcation.