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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

For some folks it’s a grind, where others truly see it as the most wonderful time of the year.  Yes, holiday shopping can be all of that and more.  That’s why every year here at The Fisherman, we try and make everyone’s shopping, giving and receiving season one to remember.

If you’re struggling with the right gift, our Holiday Gift Guide has a world of options at just about every price point imaginable, whether you’re looking for a couple of stocking stuffers to help ol’ Saint Nick, or you need that perfect present that everyone knows came from you, we’ve got you covered!

Do as we do; grab a Sharpie, circle your very favorite selections and leave Post It notes on dog-eared pages of this month’s edition.  It’s the one month of the year when you’ve got a reason to leave your latest copy of The Fisherman Magazine laying around on the coffee table, kitchen counter, or even on your spouse’s nightstand.




PENN’s Spinfisher VI spinning reel is the sixth generation of this classic spinning reel designed to tackle most any size fish. Offering a wide range of sizes from 2500 to 10,500 ($159.95 to $269.95) this reel features IPX5 sealing, protecting your reel from waves and allowing you to let it ride in the spray all the way home without worrying about saltwater getting into the gearbox or drag system. The HT-100 drag washers are housed in a fully sealed spool giving you the stopping power needed for big saltwater fish. A full metal body and side-plate keep the CNC Gear System in precise alignment offering durability under heavy loads.  pennfishing.com


This year’s insane bluefin reports may have a lot of anglers looking to expand their tuna arsenal in 2022.  Last season Daiwa introduced its next generation of Big Game Monocoque spinning reels with one piece aluminum body; known by the initials BGMQ these Daiwa reels have been popular with New England midrange tuna hunters, and should continue to expand with those looking to tackle big game on plug or jig.  The Daiwa BGMQ boasts a larger, stronger driving wheel gear at the same body size, for a lighter reel with unbelievable cranking power.  Available in 10 sizes starting at $199.95, the BGMQ20000 is a well-priced reel for taming tuna at $279.99.  daiwa.us



Whether casting bucktails, plugs, or tins  or soaking baits for striped bass, bluefish or any of Northeast Surf gamefish The Rockaway Surf Reels and Rockaway Baitfeeder Reels are ideal choices to consider the surf angler on your holiday shopping list. Reach breaking fish beyond the breakers due to the Rockaway’s long cast spool design and lightweight corrosion-resistant body. Feel the smoothness and cranking power with its 4BB + 1RB stainless steel bearing, and a 5.3:1 gear ratio, 4BB+1RB, and slow down big fish with its 26 and 35 lbs max drag. The Rockaway Baitfeeder model features a 5.3:1 gear ratio, 5BB+1RB, and 35 lbs max drag. All models feature a rigid metal handle design to reduce flex, and cyclonic flow rotor technology. MSRP$99.49 – $109.99  www.okumafishingusa.com 


Shimano comes to the table with an update of their affordable Spheros lineup that covers everything from surf to bluewater. With some technology borrowed from Stella integrated into their already popular and proven Spheros lineup you get the best of both worlds—in the form of an affordable reel that’s durable and stays smooth for a long time. The reel body and drag are sealed to an IPX8 rating, the integration of their XProtect and XShield technology; a system of gaskets, water repellent coatings and a labyrinth of channels keeps water out of your reel so it can keep doing what you need it to. With five anti-rust bearings and drag ratings ranging from 22 to 40 pounds, this reel will battle anything the salt can throw your way.  fish.shimano.com


Low-profile baitcasters have become more popular with Northeast inshore anglers, and the Quantum Accurist S3 PT Inshore Baitcasting Reel is a salt-ready baitcaster designed to put the brakes on big stripers and doormat fluke. The Accurist Inshore provides rugged construction, smooth performance, and best-in-class cast control. Furthermore, it’s built around a sturdy, corrosion resistant, one piece aluminum frame strong enough to resist torque from heavy loads. Saltguard protective coating ensures optimal corrosion resistance, with Quantum’s PT Anti-Corrosion Bearings to withstand the saltwater environment. Available in a 100 size with 18 pounds of drag capable of holding 170 yards of 30-pound braid at around $119.  quantumfishing.com


While COVID-19 impacted overseas shipping, it also affected American made products.  Once California manufacturing restrictions were lifted, the folks Avet began working overtime to fill orders on the Avet MXL and MXJ (narrow spool for jigging) star drag reels, one of the hottest reels this holiday season.  These workhorse conventional reels are designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S. with precision machined stainless steel gears in a 5.8:1 gear ratio, a hardened stainless steel drive shaft, powerful multi-disc carbon fiber drag and a large ergonomic offset handle.  The Avetstar MXL 5.8 holds 620 yards of 50-pound braid, while the narrower spool MXJ 5.8 holds 470 yards, priced respectively from $299.99 to $289.99.   avetreels.net


The ultimate gift for the light tackle angler who spends time chasing inshore gamefish like stripers, false albacore and bluefish here in the Northeast, or bonefish, tarpon, permit and redfish during forays down south. New for 2021 is the VR 75. The new model has an upgraded sealed drag, and a stronger main shaft. Weighing in at just 9 ounces, it can easily handle any light tackle, inshore fishing situation you encounter here or wherever your fishing travel takes you. Suggested retail is $509   purefishing.com/pages/van-staal


Available for order is the SGN SP (Slow Pitch). The ultralight (11.2 ounces), compact and powerful the SGN is an ideal Slow Pitch Jigging reel. With up to 30 pounds of available drag pressure and a spool capacity of 350 yards of 30-pound braid, the SGN SP features a longer crank arm adding 2/3 of an inch (.71”) to their standard crank arm for increased leverage and a low profile foot that is ideal for ultralight weight trigger grip rods The SGN SP is available in both left hand and right hand retrieve, standard dark smoke grey body or all silver body with silver, red or blue accents. Suggested retail is $325.  Seigler.fish


The new lineup of high performance reels from Visser is the latest project in the long line of great reels produced by Robert Koelewyn. The Visser is a down-the-middle blend of style and toughness—the body is machined from one piece of aluminum alloy, eliminating weaknesses and limiting points of entry. The body and drag are sealed to keep water out, but it is also packed with 12 bearings making it smooth and tough. The whole reel is based on a modular concept making repairs and customizations a breeze. If you’re looking for tough reel that can compete in the upper echelons of smoothness, look no further. Retail $579 to $669 depending on size.  visserreels.com


The Tern, Accurate’s first star drag offering, is perfect for anglers who want the lightest and smoothest star drag experience possible. The use of CVX® technology allows for
an incredibly lightweight, yet strong frame to take down the toughest gamefish, while the TwinStarDrag allows for anglers to have confidence putting the pressure to the fish. By putting stainless steel and carbon fiber washers on each side of the main gear, rather than a stack of washers on one side, anglers
will experience an unmatched smooth payout of drag at every click of the ergonomic star that fits perfectly in your hand. Whether it is castability, strength, or a smooth drag that you are looking for, the Tern is the ultimate star drag experience. accuratefishing.com




Meticulously designed Fenwick Elite Inshore rods are back and better than ever. Featuring 30-ton graphite blanks, these rods are exceptionally lightweight and sensitive with enough backbone to control large fish, Fenwick’s Carbon Core construction utilizes an inner spiral carbon wrap layer on the blank with outer layers of rolled carbon. This construction combination, along with Fenwick’s Carbon Bound woven carbon thread increases blank strength and provides the balance a rod needs for precise action. With comfort and longevity in mind, the Fenwick Elite Inshore rods feature high quality AAA cork grips, rounded off with Fuji K guides with Alconite inserts.  Priced from $149.95 to $199.95.  purefishing.com/collections/fenwick-spinning-rods


Redesigned for 2020/2021, Daiwa Proteus Boat Spinning Rods were built with heavy lifting in mind, as these long, fast action rods have become a favorite among bluefin fishermen.  Built on blanks constructed from Daiwa’s High Volume Fiber carbon technology, the Proteus achieves the superior strength and rigidity needed for midrange action while keeping the blank thin and lightweight for comfort.  Outfitted with Daiwa’s X45 Technology, these rods are designed to prevent twisting of the blank for greater hoop strength under heavy loads. The Daiwa Proteus models PTB70HFS and PTB74XHFS are perfect for taming tuna under 150 pounds, and won’t break the bank at the $200 retail price.  daiwa.us


Those who enjoy surf fishing in the Northeast region should take a look at the all new St. Croix Seage Surf. This 12 rod series replaces the already popular Mojo series but with added upgrades. The new rods include Sea Guide Hero Hi-Grade guides with thin aluminum oxide rings and SS316 stainless gun smoke frames, Winn comfort-focused foregrips, and ART and Veil reinforcing technologies increasing strength and impact protection for the extreme angler. These rods are backed by a 15-year warranty from St. Croix’s Superstar Service. Suggested retail is $210 to $320.  stcroixrods.com


These rods come in many configurations, but if you’re into albies or inshore striper fishing the 7-foot Weapon Junior from Century Rods will quickly become your weapon of choice. This stick is rated 1/4 to 2 ounces and will handle the task of casting anything from the tiniest epoxy jigs to your favorite mid-sized topwaters. In keeping with their name, the Weapon Junior packs a lot of power into a short stick and you will notice right away that this thing can flat-out cast. It also features a nearly psychic balance of flex and backbone, making it super easy to control big fish and slow down even the angriest albies. Retail $431.   centuryrods.com


G. Loomis IMX-PRO Blue rods feature high-modulus graphite construction, balanced swing weight, and incredible durability. With unique actions explicitly designed for Northeast saltwater action, IMX-PRO Blue rods leverage G. Loomis’ exclusive Multi-Taper Technology to yield robust, incredibly lightweight blanks that form the backbones of exceptional, purpose-designed rods. Multi-Taper Design is best described as a series of “micro-tapers” within the overall taper of the rod. The series is available in four different models, which range from medium-light to medium-heavy. Suggested retail is $370 to $385. gloomis.com


These rods are designed with ALPS guides, Hypolon grips, IM7 graphite blanks with D16 nanotech, and a unique carbon fiber design. The 5-foot, 6-inch-rods come in three models rated medium for 30 to 50 pounds, medium/heavy for 30 to 65 pounds, and heavy for 40- to 80-pound braided lines. Jig ratings range from 5.25 ounces for the medium to 8.75 ounces for the heavy model, so there is a jigging rod for most any practical lure weight or depth.  Each Carbon Shield II Tuna Jigging rod is fitted with a lightweight, super-strong machined aluminum reel seat with an integral locking ring for strength, sure reel mounting, and better reel control.  All rods suggested retail is $149.99.


Lamiglas has stood at the forefront of surfcasting rods for decades and their GSB surf rods are beloved by both the old school casters and social media icons alike! The one thing that held some would-be Lami-devotees from taking the plunge was the lack of a viable two-piece option. The 50/50 split went away with the Topsy-Tail and the Shamwow—it’s been widely accepted that the 70/30 split is the way to go when you the need the harmonious pairing of toughness and storability. Lamiglas has stepped up to the plate and now offers 70/30 versions of their most popular surf rods, the Skinner, both the L and M versions of the 10-footer and the 11-foot M. Retail $499.  lamiglas.com


When it comes to the top of the line, look no further than the VPR Inshore Spinning Series from Star Rods. This high end series of rods comes in eight different models from 7 to 7.5 feet. Multi-directional graphite with new specialized formula Nano resin to increase strength and reduce weight makes these rods what they are. The quality components from Fuji KL-H frame guides with SIC rings, Premium Fuji blank-touch reel seat and top quality core put this rod over the top. Suggested retail is from $309 to $319 starfishingtackle.com



Looking for a heavy-duty yet comfortable jacket for fishing that’s also ideal for those days when you’re off the water?  The Huk Icon X Superior Hybrid Jacket is a 100% windproof and water-resistant hoody that’s light enough to stow away in a dry bag and heavy enough to keep you warm through frigid conditions.  Featuring a 91% polyester and 9% spandex blend, the Icon X Superior Hybrid Jacket from Huk boasts an articulated hood, adjustable cuffs, Icon X reflective tape and two hand warmer pockets for those winter rail trips.  Available in sizes S-XXXL for $200 (add $10 for 3XL).  hukgear.com


Whether you’re looking for a layering option for wetsuiting the surf or lighter waterproof outerwear for the boat or yak, the Swell Hoodie from Stormr just might be the perfect option. At first look the Swell looks like any zip-front hooded sweatshirt, but closer inspection will reveal the micro-fleece lining and skin-neoprene exterior which combine to create a windproof, waterproof jacket that’s light, warm and holds virtually no water at all. It’s the perfect first line of defense no matter where you fish. With snug-fitting cuffs and cinchable waistband, the Swell does a swell job of keeping water out and keeping your body heat in. Retail $169.99.  stormrusa.com


There’s nothing like lazing around in a cozy flannel during the holiday season, but for the hardcore fisherman on your list that long sleeve flannel better be as functional on the cold-water fishing grounds as it is around the fire.  Columbia’s PFG (Performance Fishing Gear) Slack Tide Flannel is 98% cotton with a 2% touch of elastane, an elastic polyurethane material that helps with sweat-wicking.  This vented long sleeve flannel boasts a chest pocket for holding clips and other assorted pieces of terminal tackle, and comes in sizes from XS to XXL in Harbor Blue, Collegiate Navy and Bright Nectar for a retail price of $60.  columbia.com


Glacier Glove’s Alaska Pro Series gloves have been redesigned with a focus on warmth and dexterity.  The gloves boast a three-layer design that’s bonded using a micro dotting lamination process which eliminates the shifting between layers that is traditionally associated with insulated gloves.  Featuring a Merino Wool lining, a waterproof breathable membrane, and a four-way stretch shell, the Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Series glove is perfect for extending your fishing adventures well into the New Year and retails for just $54.99.  glacierglove.com


This jacket was in their line a few years ago and has now back by popular demand, packing some serious warmth-to-weight without bulk. Powered by Primaloft Black Eco insulation constructed from 60% recycled materials and treated for water repellency, it keeps you warm on the coldest days, even when wet. The shell, built from 100% recycled polyester-ripstop, is also treated with a DWR finish and features internal quilting on the upper front and back body to provide a smooth exterior for abrasion resistance when worn under waders or bibs. Also equipped with zippered handwarmer pockets and an internal chest zippered pocket for stashing small essentials or thawing frozen fingers at $149.95.  simmsfishing.com


The time tested legacy boot has been a staple with Xtra Tuff for some time now. Now they’re adding the Duck Camo pattern to their line in the 15-inch model. These boots are 100-percent waterproof and are made with their signature triple dipping technique which creates a seamless barrier that is highly resistant to many organic and inorganic acids, chemicals and contaminants. Cushioned insoles with arch support help fight fatigue and stress on the legs and back. This boot features a non-marking slip-resistant Chevron outsole that provides unparalleled traction in the most extreme conditions. Suggested retail is $145.   xtratuf.com


Due to anglers always facing inclement weather Gillz designed this spacer-fabric hoodie. Engineered with air pockets embedded in the fabric that provide insulation and temperature regulation while keeping the jacket light in weight. It’s soft and warm, but with enough performance to handle boat spray or light rain, this Pro Series Hoodie is a great addition to your performance fishing gear. The hoodie is available in four different attractive colors. Tactical pockets included allow for storage of tackle and fishing gear when out on the water. Suggested retail is $79.99.   gillz-gear.com


A jacket that provides maximum mobility, keeps an angler warm in cooler conditions and all the while looks good is always a fan favorite. The Hook and Tackle Apex Air/Xpatented Jacket covers all those bases and more. With windproof fabric, fully taped seams, and an interior wind flap behind the zipper, you get full protection from the wind along with stretch and breathability. It also features a three-layer membrane that’s waterproof and breathable, adjustable corded waist, oversized zippered pockets and Hook & Tackle’s Air/X ventilation system that enhances cross-ventilation. Suggested retail is $110.00.   hookandtackle.com


Grundens hits the holiday scene with a lighter-weight jacket designed for the tournament fisherman. It was conceptualized for the freshwater bass angler, but it will be a great top layer for inshore fishing as well. Grundens focused on two things here: making it waterproof and increasing mobility. The jacket is constructed with 80d 100% nylon facing and GORE-Tex C-Knit backing; GORE-Tex Topo Stretch Panels are strategically placed to increase comfort and mobility. The shingled design of the sleeve cuff is 100% submersible and will keep your inner layers dry. This jacket is the real deal and, when combined with Gambler GORE-Tex Bibs, you’ll be dry, warm and comfortable all day long. The jacket retails for $499.99 and the bibs go for $479.99. grundens.com



For boaters sick of coming home with a soggy gear bags, the Plano Z-Series 3700 is the ultimate saltwater tackle solution. The Z-Series Tackle Bag is durably designed with a waterproof base, PVC fabric and easy-access attachment points. This zipperless bag features two clips that keep the top down, so bring on the salt. Also featuring rubber mesh pockets on each side of the bag, for convenient storage. The large Z-Series 3700 Tackle Bag also includes two 3700 StowAway utility boxes for customized interior storage and has a retail price of $89.99.  Makes a great box too if you wish to stuff it with more tackle!  planomolding.com


Engel Coolers has been the gold standard in high-performance, durable and affordable coolers since 1962, and the portable refrigeration pioneers continue to put forth the “coolest” items for outdoorsmen, like the 23-quart Engel High-Performance Backpack Cooler Bag which features a tear-resistant 500-denier polyester diamond ripstop outer shell with a waterproof coating for easy cleaning. A radiant barrier liner of reflective foil inside along with a 1-inch thick layer of closed-cell foam insulation will help maintain cold inner temperatures, while the radiant barrier liner reflects the sun’s long-wave heat radiation outside, further enhancing cold-keeping to ice for up to three days. Available in four colors retailing for about $129.99.   engelcoolers.com


This compact, soft-sided cooler from Frabill is rugged enough to withstand the elements and insulated to keep up to 8 quarts of water and bait cool. A battery-operated, side-mounted aerator ensures plenty of oxygen to keep bait lively, and a generously sized, quick-access bait door on the lid allows for easy, efficient access. There’s even a mesh side pocket for stowing extra tackle. The Universal Bait Station sports a molded non-slip waterproof base to keep it in place. For added versatility, the Bait Station can even hold up to four Plano Stowaway tackle boxes, a versatile gift for $59.99.  frabill.com


The latest addition to the Fuji K series, the LKW is a physically-lighter, medium-duty double-foot guide with a tangle-free sloped frame perfect for lighter applications in salt and freshwater rod design. Tailored after Fuji’s popular LN frames, the LKW has the short footprint and light frame to make it a top choice on applications where saving weight is a concern. The guides are available in five ring sizes, three ring types and three frame colors to perfectly match your next custom build. anglersresource.net


The Dexter Outdoors SOFGRIP is one of the most popular series of fillet knives. It’s ultra-sharp out of the package and with just the right amount of flex to glide over the bones. It features a patented SOFGRIP handle that is soft to the touch and provides excellent control along with slip resistance. This series is made with their proprietary high carbon, high alloy, stain-free DEXSTEEL. All SOFGRIP knives are made in the U.S.A.  The knives come with their Edge Guard blade protector, which protects your edge when the knife is stored. Suggested retail is $38.70 to $48.35.   dexteroutdoors.com


Fishermen have more lures than they can ever hope to cast in a lifetime, but they also have their favorites with dozens of each in their arsenal. Whether stowed on the boat or the battle wagon, anglers need a place to keep their backups.  The iSeries Deep Lure Case from SKB is a guaranteed winner for any saltwater angler, with 32 adjustable compartments that can accommodate lures to 10 inches long, and resistant to everything from fungus to vicious impact.  Exceeding military standards, these boxes are built to last, and a lifetime warranty rounds out the countless reasons why every saltwater angler needs at least one of these 16x10x10 lockable storage cases. Retail $189.99.   skbcases.com




Founded in 1925, Eagle Claw has long been at the forefront of American hook design.  In keeping “in line” with the inline circle hook mandates, Eagle Claw recently launched their Lazer Sharp Striped Bass Inline Circle Rigs (model #L926-C) to meet the non-offset circle hook requirements for stripers.  Tied with 50-pound mono with a barrel at one end and either a size 6/0 and 8/0 inline circle in platinum black at the other, these 100% regulation approved Lazer Sharp rigs are ideal for live eels or chunks of bunker.  Three leadered rigs to a pack retailing at $4.29.      eagleclaw.com


The perfect single hook for lures; that’s the concept they were going for when BKK designed the LONEDIABLO. BKK has called upon the latest hook technologies to give life to this hook, with top-notch penetration performance, long-lasting saltwater corrosion resistance and superior hook-structure and strength. The innovative BKK Hand-Ground hook point provides cutting-edge sharpness and penetration performance, while the Bright Tin coating technology minimizes any possibility of rust, and the unique hook shape maintains its grip throughout a long fight. The combination of Micro and Slim Rings results in a slimmer profile without affecting hook strength. Available in sizes 1# to 13/0# from $11.99 to $13.99.    bkkhooks-americas.com


Circle hooks are mandated in most areas for bait fishing for striped bass so stocking up on this necessary piece of tackle is crucial if you use bait. Mustad’s Octopus Inline Circle Hook (39928NP-BN) allows for better hooksets due to the distinctive curved shape of the hook. The hook travels to the corner of the mouth or lip, resulting in fewer deep-hooked fish. These hooks are chemically sharpened for easy penetration and solid hookups. They feature a black nickel finish and come in sizes 4/0 to 10/0 in packs ranging from 5 to 6 hooks per pack. Suggested retail is $3.99 per pack.    mustad-fishing.com


Circle hooks have become mandatory in many tournaments and for species such as striped bass. Owner’s series of inline circle hooks addresses all of the requirements for targeting these species. Their 5114T Tournament Mutu Light, 5179 SSW In-line Circle and 5174 Tournament Mutu all feature a super sharp hangnail point and a corrosion resistant black chrome finish. Available in sizes up to 9/0. Prices range from $4 to $7 for small packs.   ownerhooks.com


Non-offset circle hooks are now a part of every striper angler’s vernacular, new conservation laws have made it such. The hook designers at VMC set their minds to making the perfect option for bass anglers. Combining their extensive knowledge of ‘tournament approved’ billfish circle hooks with the wants and needs of the inshore striper fisherman, the B-Lok Tournament Circle is the latest and greatest. Featuring a fluorocarbon B-Lok bait stopper on the hook-bend to keep your bait from riding up the line and a shorter point that ensures worry-free penetration, the B-Lok Tournament Circle will become your favorite fast.   www.rapala.com/vmc/hooks/circle-hooks


The underspin has been one of the most exciting and widely-embraced new concepts over the past few years. Gamakatsu has thrown their hat into the ring with their new ‘Double Down’ spring lock system that utilizes two corkscrew inserts wound in parallel that will hold your bait fast, no matter how hard you fish. The rigs are made on 2x strong, forged carbon steel hooks that hold their edge and stand up to the angriest gamefish. The nickel blade churns on the retrieve adding flash and vibration to any swimbait or other soft plastic thrown in fresh or salt. These super-tough hooks come in sizes ranging from 3/0 to 12/0 and retail between $4.48 and $5.24 depending on size. gamakatsu.com



T7 Premium Fluorocarbon is created from carefully selected materials to achieve the best balance among tensile strength, shock strength, and abrasion resistance.  To achieve the ideal balance of these three important factors, T-7 Premium is made from high quality and carefully selected materials and produced using a manufacturing method, that maximizes the attributes of these materials. This exclusive manufacturing process gives T-7 Premium a perfect molecular balance that results in unmatched strength. This fluorocarbon is available in sizes 6 to 25-pound test. Suggested retail is $17.99 to $29.99.    yo-zuri.com


This product has already proven itself as a top-shelf fluorocarbon with properties that are unmatched. It’s up to 23% thinner than any of Seaguar’s other fluorocarbon products. Along with that, it boasts better knot and tensile strength. To make Gold Label even better, Seaguar has now added three new sizes to the line that includes 50, 60 and 80-pound test. These high-test sizes are crucial to a Northeast fishery where anglers are battling challenging structure along with large fish on a regular basis. Suggested retail is $16.99 to $57.99 for a 25-yard spool.   seaguar.com


Typical wire leaders are a hassle to deal with but AFW has tackled that problem with the Titanium Tooth Proof Leader Wire. This easy-to-use wire leader stretches and recovers on hooksets all while preventing those frustrating bite-offs from toothy critters. The technologically advanced titanium alloy delivers dramatic kink resistance and flexibility. What this means is you don’t have to do a timely haywire twist to secure the end to a hook or lure. You can tie Titanium Tooth Proof to bait, lure and line using the clinch and Albright knots or connect with crimping sleeves. Suggested retail is $18.49 to $32.99 for 15-foot packs.  afwfishing.com


Longer casts and extreme invisibility are just some of the benefits of spooling with P-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon. Because Tactical is derived using the latest in raw material and extrusion advancements you can fish with confidence knowing you’re casting the strongest, most durable fluorocarbon available.  A past winner of “Best New Fishing Line” at the annual ICAST show, P-Line Tactical Fluoro is the choice of many of the nation’s top bass pros, but with availability in 6- to 20-pound test in 200-yard spools ($19.99 to $29.99), P-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon could also give you that tactical edge with some of those line-shy inshore targets like false albacore.  p-line.com


Abrasion is the cause of many lost fish, which is why the Berkley scientists set out to develop line that combats abrasion and is strong enough to control big fish. Berkley ProSpec Chrome is the result of extensive testing in lab and on the water with professional captains and guides. Made with the world’s strongest fiber, Dyneema, Berkley ProSpec Chrome Braid is incredibly sensitive with less than 3% stretch and is one of the strongest braids available on the market. This eight-carrier braid is built to stand up to any big-water predator and is available in sizes 30- to 100-pound test 500-yard economy spools from $59.99 – $99.99.


The Ugly Stik Ugly Tools Multi-Tool is a must have piece of equipment most every angler will want on the boat. The new Ugly Stik Multi-Tool features rugged, non-slip handles and hardy coatings making it equipped for all conditions and built to take a beating – just like the famed Ugly Stik rods!  This multi-tool has 11 essential functions to keep every angler prepared to face any situation, from split rings to cutting line to opening bottles, the Ugly Stik Multi-Tool has you covered at suggested retail price of just $39.99      purefishing.com


With everyone clamoring for thinness and smoothness supremacy PowerPro took a different route, went back to their OG PowerPro and wound it tighter. This resulted in a smoother finish, no reduction in strength but made it an eye-popping 25% thinner! So now you get the superior abrasion resistance of four-carrier line with the thinness and smoothness of the high tech 8-plus carrier lines. Maxcuatro will be a great choice for any application where abrasion is a concern from jigging for blackfish, to casting plugs into the rocks for stripers, to lobbing swimbaits for big largemouth bass. It comes in seven strengths from 20- to 100-pound test and retails at $28.99 for a 150-yard spool.  powerpro.com


The new generation of braided line has arrived, and the future looks bright. The race for the roundest braid has lead us from four-carrier to eight-carrier, then to nine and now to 13! The 131 line from Sufix utilizes a super-durable GORE core and then weaves 12 HMPE fibers around it to create some of the roundest and toughest line in the industry. The benefits of a rounder line are many, but no sharp edges to dig into the spool under strain and very little drag or sound in the guides are the two you’re most likely to notice right away. Sufix 131 is available in eight ratings from 6- to 80-pound test and retails at $39.29 for a 150-yard spool.  rapala.com/sufix/braid/


Whether you chase stripers and false albacore inshore or school bluefin and yellowfin offshore, the Flanker Speed Jig Stick Bait from FishLab will cover all your bases. This long-casting stickbait is built tough, thru-wired and adorned with Owner hooks, it can stand up to some serious abuse. Made for retrieving at a high rate of speed, the Flanker Speed Jig Stick Bait darts and shimmers in the water column but can also race along the surface mimicking a baitfish fleeing for its life. This stickbait will fit right in with your albie tins, your long-cast options for the surf or Canal as well as your jig and pop or canyon arsenal. Check these very cool baits out today. Retail $17.99.  fishlabtackle.com




If you’re looking for that stealthy advantage when going after your favorite gamefish, look no further than the FishSUP 126 inflatable standup paddleboard. The whole rig comes in at under 50 pounds meaning transportation will never be a problem. A 7 minute inflation times results in more time spent on the water fishing. This vessel features protective, non-slip EVA foam deck, 360-degree swivel seats, built-in fish rulers, multiple D-ring attachment points and a removable rear motor mount for mounting up to a 55-pound thrust electric motor. The length of the vessel is 12 feet, 6 inches and the width is 3 feet, 4 inches. Suggested retail $999. seaeagle.com


Ever since the original Untangled Collection of lifestyle frames debuted in 2018, Costa has been working to advance the recycling and molding techniques to build better-suited frames for its core angling community. The new frames have a 100% traceable supply chain and are constructed from a more durable NetPlus material with 97% recycled fishing nets and a 3% performance additive. The combination allows Costa to build sunglasses with maximum coverage and protection – performance features that fishermen need for long days on the water. The four new additions include Santiago, Antille, Caleta (Women’s style), and Pargo. Retails from $206 to $226.   costadelmar.com


Furuno is now offering the world’s first wireless radar that you can access directly from your iOS devices (iPhone or iPad). If you’ve wanted to get near-coastal radar installed but worried about the price, the Furuno DRS4W head unit costs about $900 and runs on its own wireless network so that you can wirelessly access radar images from an app on your iOS devices, combining ease of use with great flexibility. After installing and setting up the free application from the Apple store, watch radar images directly on your iPad or iPhone with the freedom to move around on deck while still staying connected to information of your surroundings.  furuno.com


The all-in-one package that will get you to that prime fishing spot with ease, comfort, reliability and speed. You can fit the whole Bote Lono package in a travel bag which conveniently fits inside a closet or trunk of a car if need be. Due to its four-chamber design for maximum versatility, you can fish standing up or sitting down, float the removable top chamber as an extra platform, then pack it down into the provided travel bag and spend less time breaking down. The LONA is compatible with a series of add-ons that will turn this vessel into a fishing machine and is available in three sharp looking designs starting at $1,649.  boteboard.com


So you released that 50-inch personal best striped bass due to the slot regulations, and all you have to show for it is a great photo of that fish of a lifetime.  Now that she’s swimming free, you can still memorialize that personal best with a Global Fish Mount.  Order a realistic striper mount from 22 inches ($225) on up to that 50-inch cow ($497.50) online with Global Fish Mounts.  With a fired enamel glass eye staring down from above the fireplace, think of the stories you can tell of that catch while sitting around the fire with friends and family.  globalfishmounts.com


If there’s someone on your holiday list that’s been really good this year you might consider the revolutionary new Hobie MirageDrive 180 with forward and reverse capabilities and Kick-Up fins to get you in and around those tight spots.  With the speed and functionality of the new MirageDrive 180 combined with the streamlined, sleek hull of the new Hobie Lynx, you’ve got a truly epic ride and a terrific platform for remote fishing.  The Lynx’s flat-bottom design offers incredible stability and maneuverability, and weighing in at just 45 pounds with rear loading skid pads, it’s easy to load and offload.  Fishfinder ready at $2,699.    hobie.com/kayaks


For the rod-builder on your list, the newest offering from Mud Hole should keep the elves busy in the workshop this winter.  The CRB PRO Roller Stand Rod Support fits on your existing RBS Track (Aluminum Base Station) and is precision machined from 100% aircraft-grade aluminum as the first and only threaded rod stands to feature locking collet nuts for nearly infinite height adjustments. Measuring in at 8 inches tall, each stand has 6.4 inches of adjustable height range to accommodate any rod building project.   Each $79.95 stand includes custom silicone wheel rings with high-performance sealed ball bearings that securely spin and support rods flawlessly.  mudhole.com


Change the game with ActiveTarget Live Sonar from Lowrance. This system is compatible with HDSLive, Elite FS and HDS Carbon units from Lowrance and it allows you to see fish in real time, how they are positioned on structure and even how they react to your presentations. The multi-directional view can be set to ‘see’ in any direction and what shows up on the screen is an amazing, high-def depiction of the bottom, structure and fish holding in the area. The fact that you can also see where there aren’t any fish will ensure that you don’t waste a single cast. Plug in with ActiveTarget technology from Lowrance and take your fishing experience to a level you never believed possible! Retail $1499.99.   lowrance.com


Need more power to “spot lock” on the togging grounds?  How running about lithium batteries?  Minn Kota says no problem, with the 2021 launch of the new Minn Kota MK-550 PCL, a five-bank onboard charger that provides the charging flexibility to meet all your trolling motor requirements. Precision chargers feature battery-type selection by the bank, which now includes charge curves specially formulated for lithium batteries; it can even wake these battery types from standby.  Features waterproof construction and Automatic Temperature Compensation which adjusts to ambient temperature fluctuations, Minn Kota’s MK-550 PCL Precision On-Board Charger retails for around $500 and provides 10 Amp true-rated output on each bank for a faster recovery time.   minnkotamotors.com


Give your favorite angler the gift of SiriusXM Marine’s Fish Mapping service this holiday season.  Fish Mapping includes eight fishing features, including fishing recommendations, weed lines, and plankton front strength, to help find fish faster and save fuel. Fish Mapping also includes all of SiriusXM Marine’s weather features, such as radar, lightning, marine zones, and more, to help keep them safe on the water. Fish Mapping receivers are available for Garmin (GXM 54), Simrad and Lowrance (WM-4) as well as Furuno (BBWX4) starting at $450 depending on unit, with a monthly SiriusXM Marine Fish Mapping charge of $99.  siriusxm.com/fishmapping


Welcome to the top! The new APEX series from Humminbird provides the clearest sonar imaging on the sonar display the water has ever seen on any GPS chartplotter. Industry-leading MEGA Imaging and Dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar come standard, with even more performance from a dedicated sonar channel for accessory transducers up to 2kW. See it all clearly with a full-HD touchscreen, and add the power of the One-Boat Network for unrivaled control of your vessel.   With prices starting at $3699.99 the new APEX series from Humminbird will take your fishing to the next level.  humminbird.com


When you’re out on open water and looking for that prime piece of structure, bait, or school of fish, having a reliable fishfinder can make or break your trip. The 3.5-inch color screen makes reading the GPS and fishfinder a breeze while CHIRP sends a continuous sweep of frequencies, ranging from low to high, then interprets them individually upon their return. Additionally, Garmin STRIKER fishfinders have built-in, high-sensitivity GPS to locate your current position quickly and precisely, then maintain your GPS location anywhere you go. Suggested retail is $139.99.   garmin.com




Who doesn’t love the highly-visual experience of catching fish on topwater? Walk-the-dog-style lures have rocketed to the top of the list for most striper fishermen and the Skitter-V from Rapala will become one of your favorites in the small to medium category. The Skitter-V utilizes a V-hull design to get a harder cut and longer glide than traditional round-bellied walkers. It comes in many fish-catching, translucent colors that cover everything from simple to natural to bright. They come rigged with super-sharp round-bend VMC hooks and realistic 3D eyes. The Skitter-V comes in two sizes, 4 and 5-1/4 inches, to cover any small to medium baitfish and retails for $11.29 and $12.79 respectively.  rapala.com


Savage Gear puts a unique spin on everything and their take on the pencil popper is no different. One obvious difference between the Savage Panic Pencil and its wooden grandparents is that the plastic version is more durable than wood; but the design differences are just as notable.  For starters it contains a large and heavy rattle that contributes noise and vibration as well as increasing casting distance. Then there is the ‘stepped hull design’ on the underside designed to channel air beneath the plug, creating a bubble trail that draws in predators. This pencil casts and works like a dream and is available in two fishy sizes starting at $16.  savagegear-americas.com


The effectiveness of shad-bodied swimbaits is well-documented; the only universal complaint being that they don’t last long enough. That’s where the Elaztech 10x stretch material from Z-Man comes into play; Elaztech is so insanely durable it can even withstand bluefish chomps! The Z-Man HerculeZ Swimbaits are highly detailed and feature elegant paintwork to replicate scores of bait species. The custom curved tail puts out a very realistic swimming action and they’re made with a serious hook to hold up to even the largest fish; there’s even a hook hanger up front in case you want to add a treble. The HerculeZ will be hitting the market in December in 4- and 5-inch sizes with a retail price of $9.99.  zmanfishing.com


Designed for saltwater anglers regardless of location or ability level, Berkley’s new Choppo Saltwater boasts precision performance that’s easy to use. Perfectly balanced to deliver immediate action while swimming straight at a variety of speeds, the propeller’s enhanced surface area delivers an enough sound and spray to entice fish from all around. The durable, cupped propeller tail stands up to the heat and resists melting while the upgraded 3X anti-rust Fusion19 hooks will outlast the competition.  Just cast the Choppo in open water or up along the sedges and sod banks, to see if anyone’s home.  Retails for $12.99.  berkley-fishing.com


One problem that anglers have around the holiday season is that many of the gifts they receive have to be socked away until spring.  Luckily for surfcasters, a strong showing regionally of sand eels in the wash in December has put striped bass at our feet, making the Joe Baggs Sandeels the perfect toy to use right away.  Available in 5/8-ounce, 4-1/2-inch sizes (four to a pack) on up to 2-ounce, 6-1/2-inch (two to a pack) for $9.99, these realistic molded plastic sand eels cast well from the beach, and can also be jigged offshore for winter sea bass.  joebaggsoutdoors.com


The Tony Maja #4 Bunker Spoon is now also available in two new colors this season, gold and bronze.  These new spoons are electroplated which means it will be very tough to get the color off, making these new Tony Maja spoons nearly indestructible.  Retailing for $42.99, these gold and bronze #4 spoons have been red hot on the troll this striper season, and the new electroplating process should ensure they’re crushing stripers for years to come.  From spoons to mojos, trolling rods and outrodders, Tony Maja has been redefining the art of trolling for stripers since 1968.  tonymajaproducts.com 


This new-style pencil from Yo-Zuri us available in two different sizes; a 5- and 6-inch version. Due to the way this lure sits in the water, it allows the user to “walk-the-dog” with ease. The internal single one-knock cadence rattle draws fish in with sound and vibration, but also acts as a weight-transfer system, helping the Topknock Pencil achieve maximum distance on every cast. Available in 14 colors and retailing for just $8.99, the Topknock Pencil from Yo-Zuri is simply a must have item for any inshore or surf fisherman. yo-zuri.com


One main factor behind the design of the Flying Pencill is distance. Just by the name of this product, you know it will fly to faraway blitzes of bass and blues. The ribs on this plug provide lower air friction and the wings on the sides provide lift. These features also provides extra fish attracting turbulence when the plug is moving in the water. FL and SK models come with 4X treble hooks while the SLD model comes with 6X treble hooks to tackle to largest of specimens. The Flying Pencil is available in three different sizes and eight attractive color patterns. Suggested retail is $22    abandofanglers.com


The Vertrex 75, 95, and 110 Vibes are revolutionary inshore saltwater baits designed to target an array of species, including our favorites here in the Northeast. The technique of “Vibing” revolves around the patent-pending Nomad Vertrex soft Vibe lure series. Vibe is short for vibration bait. The Vertrex Swim Vibe also swims when sinking making it completely unique. The MAX produces maximum vibration on the lift and can be fishing several different ways. It works in a wide range of water depths, making them highly versatile. Both Swim and Max Vibes are available in three different sizes and six color patterns prices range from $10.99 to $12.99.  nomadtackle.com


Grubs have cemented their place in the saltwater fishing world and Spro has upped the ante with their new Wavetail Grubs. These soft plastics feature a custom ribbon-like tail that puts out tons of extra mojo. The ribbed body grabs water and increases vibration. Then you have the addition of Spro’s Amino Bite attractant that makes sure the fish bite and don’t let go. These grubs are great fished on a leadhead or a swimbait hook, but they were designed to pair perfectly with Spro’s famous Prime Bucktails. These grubs come in three sizes, 3, 4 and 5 inches and are a shoe-in for anyone that chases fluke, sea bass, stripers and even albies. Spro’s Wavetail Grubs retail for $6.49 per pack and come in a wide range of colors. www.spro.com


Something new and something old from Fishbites will make some great stocking stuffers this holiday season. Something old would be Fishbites Bag O’ Worms. These 12-inch ribbon baits come in two colors—Classic Red and Chartreuse, and two widths—1/4 and 3/8 inches. Something new is the Fishbites Fight Club lures breakout bait—the 5-inch Dirty Boxer curly tail. These lures are tough as nails and infused with Fishbites proven flavor/scent technology. Bite-after-bite and fight-after-fight, the Dirty Boxer is sure to put a smile on any angler’s face soon after they hit the water. Suggested retail is $7.75 to $8 for the Bag O’ Worms and $6 for the Dirty Boxer.  fishbites.com.com


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