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Fishing Destination Spotlight: Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio & Marina Pez Vuela

An authentic tropical experience with amazing angling opportunities!

Insights provided by our trusted friends at Marina Pez Vela.

The stories of marlin, sailfish and roosterfish, the way the jungle sprawls to the Pacific shore, the aqua sea with its abundance of sportfish; this must be a tropical paradise. If you’re a fisherman, a trip like this has undoubtedly crossed your mind, and the feeling only gets stronger as the snowbanks grow taller. With the biting winter winds gnawing at your patience, your mind will again drift to the south, your imagination casting a line into the Pacific with warm Mexico sun on your shoulders. What are you waiting for?

You’ve always wanted to go fishing in Costa Rica, but where should you go? So many boxes need to be checked. You need a place where your significant other and children can also enjoy themselves. How about a place with magical rainforests that teem with wildlife and an authentic Costa Rican community whose warm-hearted people welcome visitors from near and far with grace and passion? If this sounds like the kind of place you had in mind, look no further than the Quepos and Manuel Antonio area, a truly incredible place to visit and live.  This one of a kind destination, brings everything that is iconic to Costa Rica together, especially fishing, in a convenient and luxurious destination which can impress even the most discerning traveler without losing its unique history and charm.

At the heart of it all is Marina Pez Vela, a world class marine facility which is crafted in honor of, and reflecting the, unique plantation architecture which is so iconic to the old banana plantations which were the first settlements on this section of coastline. The marina serves as the launching pad for sportfishing charters as well as just about any kind of adventure in the rainforest or local rivers you can imagine, as within 15 minutes of the resort you can enjoy tours of the canopy, walk beneath amazing waterfalls, peruse national parks, see the Pacific sunset on horseback, paddle through the mangroves, surf world class waves, ride the adrenalin rush of amazing whitewater rafting, chill out with some yoga, go canyoning, or enjoy a host of relaxing spa services… to outline just a few of the possibilities. The diversity here makes Marina Pez Vela the best choice, especially for anglers coming to enjoy some of the world’s richest and most bountiful fishing grounds, with so much to do you can rest assured that all of your traveling companions will be very happy.

Fishing Opportunities

The waters off of Marina Pez Vela are home to year-round fishing opportunities and a diversity of species that will keep any angler busy. The area is known throughout the world for its exceptional marlin and sailfish fishing.  With a progressive focus on conservation, catch and release fishing is the norm, and the suboceanic geography will provide a breathtaking backdrop to all of your fishing adventures. The Central Pacific waters just beyond the breakwaters at Marina Pez Vela are full of life, and will be for decades to come, with dozens of species to target close to the dock.  A robust and incredibly experienced charter fleet with options to satisfy all levels and types of anglers make it a favorite for a wide range of anglers, in fact this marina acts as a home base for many of the world’s most competitive and successful tournament teams.


Seasonal fishing here allows for diversity in targets; there is the huge mahi run in October and November, amazing sailfish and marlin opportunities during our dry season from December to April which has produced many world records.

The inshore bottom fishing for snapper, roosterfish and snook is some of the best in Mexico. Marina Pez Vela also hosts a renowned tournament series. With nine events already scheduled for 2022 and a 10th event in the works, there is no other marina in the world with as much diversity and opportunities for fun and competitive angling throughout the year.  Check out the lineup for 2022 and don’t miss a chance to participate in what is quickly being labeled as the most FUN tournament line up in the world.

Back at the docks, the vibe, energy and world class infrastructure shines at Marina Pez Vela. Fiber optic internet and cable is available at every slip, which makes staying connected, for anyone who needs or wants to, super easy.  When you leave the docks, there is an expansive and stunning commercial plaza with six fantastic restaurants, a provisioning supermarket, world class tackle store, marine supply store, medical facility and pharmacy along with an array of shops and services.  Boat owners are also blessed with Central America’s only full-service boat yard including a 200-ton travel lift, a world class yard team and contractors capable of the anything from the annual bottom paints to complex rebuilds, seakeeper installations, and electric work.  Many owners come for a season and stay for a lifetime as it is hard to find a reason to leave this paradise.

Accommodations For Any Budget

Marina Pez Vela also offers up 10 exclusive luxury villas, which offer modern two and three bedroom accommodations for anyone looking for the utmost in luxury and convenience.  Located just above the main commercial plaza, these options are ideal for anglers looking for the ability to walk down to the docks in the morning, stroll or stumble up in the afternoon an enjoy the energy, convenience and amazing services of the marina all at their fingertips. You don’t even need a rental car as you can simply walk to a new restaurant each night and enjoy everything from our sports bar to catch the big game or a world class steak and seafood dinner, all just steps from your door.  The onsite guest center is your connection to a large charter fleet and can help you find the right boat, captain and crew for just about any size group and the specialist for anglers looking to target specific species.  They can also reserve just about any tour, transfer services, or adventure you are seeking to discover while in the area.

While the Marina is an ideal all in one option for visiting anglers, the beauty of this area is in its diversity and there are a host of hotels in all price categories located on the scenic, 4.5-mile stretch between the marina and Manuel Antonio National Park.  There are also dozens of private luxury villas and homes, ideal for families or groups looking for a private home base to adventure out of and explore the area.  Perhaps the most telling element of this destination is that many visitors to Costa Rica plan short stays all over the country hoping to see it all and when they get to Manuel Antonio they realize that, other than a volcano and a golf course, EVERYTHING that they imagined wanting to experience, see, feel, and taste can be done in one place!

Getting There

Perhaps the most amazing part of this destination is just how easy it is to get here and just how many unbelievable experiences you can find within walking distance—it is truly a vacation you will remember for a lifetime.  So many of the world’s most iconic destinations require many days of travel, unrealistic budgets, and time zone or logistical obstacles which just make it too hard to even imagine.  Coming to Costa Rica and the Manuel Antonio area is, simply put, easy.  There are a total of 41 airports around the world with direct flights to San Jose, spread around 38 cities and 14 countries!  From the USA direct flights from Miami, Houston, Dallas, New York, Ft Lauderdale, Austin, Chicago, LA, Atlanta and the list goes on and on.  Costa Rica is on either Central or Mountain Time, making for an easy transition and great international experience while still being able to enjoy all your vacation days with zero worry about jet lag.  Once in San Jose, there are multiple ways to get to Manuel Antonio area and Marina Pez Vela, including easy to coordinate private van transfers, a host of car rental agencies and more than 10 commuter flights daily right into the local airport which is just 10 minutes from the marina.  The team at Marina Pez Vela Villas, or our guest center, are able to plan everything and provide nearly anything you may need so don’t worry or stress over the details. All you need is a flight to San Jose international airport and the bilingual and experienced concierge teams onsite can take care of everything else including transfers, accommodations, fishing charters, adventure tours, restaurant recommendations, spa treatments and more.  Give yourself a treat, let the team at Marina Pez Vela take care of you and ensure a memorable and easy vacation.

Don’t You Wanna Go?

Ultimately, the infrastructure and setting here is almost impossible to describe in words, but the feeling you get at the marina and in the Manuel Antonio area in general is unlike any place on the planet.  At a time when the world is seeing more and more megaresorts, and homogenized experiences which while comfortable, are forgettable, Manuel Antonio and Marina Pez Vela bring authenticity and amenities together. For decades, travelers to Costa Rica and many parts of the world had to make a choice between luxury, comfort and service versus authenticity and experiencing the real essence of Costa Rica.  Manuel Antonio is the fusion of these two worlds and the Marina Pez Vela is a development that has led the community in seamless integration of the best of both. So you can choose, go somewhere else and stay in a resort that feels like every other resort in the tropics or come to the Manuel Antonio area and enjoy an authentic experience without giving up service, convenience, accessibility, and luxury; this boutique destination is a recipe so perfect it can’t be improved.



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