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Boat Review: Grady-White Canyon 326 Center Console

Grady-White Canyon

Center Line Length- 31 feet, 2 inches
LOA with Swim Platforms- 33 feet, 1 inch
Beam- 10 feet, 9 inches
Weight- 8,500 lbs (dry, without power)
Hull Draft- 24 inches (engine drives up)
Transom Deadrise- 20 degrees (SeaV2® progression)
Freshwater Capacity- 30 gallons
Fuel Capacity- 327 gallons
Maximum Horsepower- 700 HP (twin 300 or 350 outboards)

Introduced for the 2019 model year, Grady-White’s new 326 CC introduces next-gen styling to their Canyon lineup of bluewater center consoles. I have done dozens of away fishing charters on Grady-White boats, where after spending 14 to 16 hours and over 150+ nautical miles in a variety of sea conditions, I really got to know what these boats can and can’t do out on the briny. While I’ve never been disappointed with either the current 306 or 336 Canyon models, I’ve always wished for a model that was somewhere “in-between” these two proven Carolina sportfishers in size; nimble and responsive like their 306, but with more room onboard, a beefier hull and more fuel capacity like the 336. Well, my wish has been granted. The new Canyon 326 offers true canyon range and the speed and hull design to get there and back, even when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.

As you might expect, fishing features abound on the Canyon 326, starting off with a 32-gallon raw water livewell with full column distribution tucked in the port transom corner. There are twin 180-quart insulated boxes under the raised bench seats in the bow, a 152-quart fishbox under the deluxe lean bar, plus a spacious 318-quart deep box set in the transom cap. Like all Gradys, the quartet of fishboxes drain directly overboard, whether underway or at rest. If a second livewell is mandatory for your fishing needs, you can substitute an optional full-column recirculating 38-gallon livewell in lieu of the fishbox in the lean bar. Rodholders are not an afterthought on this Grady, with four in the cockpit, four in the bow, horizontal storage for three under the gunwale and vertical storage for four inside the console, four-rod rocket launchers in the T-top and the lean bar, plus one rodholder on the transom, totaling 24 in all.

When it’s time to stow the rods and spend some quality moments with family and friends, Grady-White’s patented fold-away aft bench seat will sit a pair of crew or guests in comfort when underway, while those in the bow can relax on the plush seating with port and starboard cushioned fish boxes. The helm area is spectacular, with triple comfort molded seats with up/down bolsters and room to mount a pair of 16-inch multi-function displays to handle all of your marine electronic needs. Down below the spacious center console, there’s a head area with freshwater sink, dry storage, a VacuFlush toilet with 10-gallon holding tank, plus the aforementioned four rod vertical rod stowage.

Depending on your preference for Yamaha four-stroke outboard power, the Canyon 326 is available with either twin F300 V6 or dual F350 V8 engines. If this were my rig, I’d probably opt for the F300s, since they take about 500 pounds of bulk off the transom and offer enough displacement to get this Carolina girl up and running with a fuel efficient cruising speed and plenty of top end when you need it. According to factory tests, the Canyon 326 will hit a top speed just a hair under 50 mph with two crew onboard, spinning counter-rotating 15-1/2×17 three-blade SWS II stainless steel props. Dialing it down to 3500 rpm, this is where she achieves optimum fuel economy with her F300s, hitting 28.1 mph while burning 17.4 gph, which equates to a respectable 1.62 mpg. If you really need to get to a hot bite at a faster pace, dialing in four-grand on the tachs will generate 33.2 mph at 22.4 gph, for a net of 1.48 mpg. Fast lane cruising awaits you at 4500 rpm, where this Grady will hit 37 mph at 28.6 gph, for 1.32 mpg fuel efficiency. The Canyon 326’s long range 327-gallon fuel tank will get you to the edge and back in speed, comfort and with plenty of fuel to spare.

I’ve owned six Grady-Whites in my four decades of coastal sportfishing, but I must admit, this new Canyon 326 is right at the top of my list of favorites. For more information, visit