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Photo Gallery

Pictured is William Heaton a 22 and 24-inch fluke duo taken from the Wantagh Bridge area in the end of August.
Fisherman weekly video fishing forecast viewer Robert Nagle fished near Delaware Bay with sand fleas and connected with this 4-pound sheepshead. He must have been watching Jim Hutchinson’s video for tips on this catch!
Philip DiMaria from the Staten Island Tuna Club went offshore and found himself battling a wahoo on spinning gear. The fish ended up being a personal best for him. Congratulations Philip!
Joyce Jackubowski pictured with a pair of 20-inch sea bass caught while fishing the Cholera Banks on the Chasin Tail. Remember you can now keep six sea bass per person for the remainder of the season in New York.
During the WICC Greatest Bluefish Tournament on August 28th, Christopher Barbera caught this surprise 23-inch sea bass off the Highliner in the eastern Long Island Sound.
Young Mason fished the St. Croix River with the textbook worm and bobber setup. He saw the bobber duck under, set the hook and reeled in a smallmouth bass After a quick picture he sent it on its way.
Billy from Chasing Tails tackle shop in Oakdale got on the yellowfin tuna while fishing with Captain Bobby Lee Jr.
In the end of August, the mahi come closer to shore and boats didn’t have to travel as far for them. Jacqueline Molina made a shorter run for this mahi caught during the end of the month.


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They call the April moon a “Pink Moon” but it sure looks blue to us. 

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Photo Gallery