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Product Review: BKK-Raptor-Z Trebles

The first BKK hook was designed in 1856 and through six generations of family from that original hook, BKK’s modern large-scale production plant evolved. BKK hooks are quickly gaining popularity in the Northeast, and there is plenty of buzz as tackle retailers and anglers await the arrival of BKK’s full line of products.

For starters, their Raptor-Z hook is sure to catch the eye of any serious plug fisherman. At first glance, you will notice the beastly design of this treble hook. The points are hand-ground, ensuring maximum sharpness right out of the package. This hook will have no trouble penetrating the hardest jaw of any fish.

The harsh saltwater environment that Northeast anglers toil in can take its toll on tackle, and especially hooks. The Ultra-Antirust coating of BKK’s Raptor-Z provides superior corrosion resistance, eliminating any concerns of hook failure because of rust when battling that fish of a lifetime.

The BKK-Raptor-Z fits perfectly into the Northeast fishery.

At times, I have found that swapping hooks on plugs can be a hassle, especially with hooks featuring thicker gauge metal. This has not been an issue with the Raptor-Z due to BKK’s Slim Ring Technology which makes working a treble hook onto a split ring a piece of cake. Changing hooks in the field, especially at night, becomes a much easier task with Raptor-Z trebles.

A better hook-up ratio due to excellent penetration and the superior strength of these hooks make them a must for your favorite fish catching plugs. As an avid surfcaster myself, a few sessions of fishing these hooks had me switching my whole plug bag over to BKK-Raptor-Z trebles.



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