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Tip Of The Month: Big Baits For Big Fluke

With size limits for fluke likely pushing the 19-inch mark in some states this season, targeting bigger fluke with large strip baits from sea robins, bunker, bluefish, mackerel and squid make a lot of sense. Whether you fish them on a bucktail or a standard fluke rig, adding a second stinger hook or trailing hook will make for a better presentation and also result in more hookups.

Pre-rigged tandem hook rigs are available from your local tackle shop or you can tie your own. For more on rigging big baits with tandem hooks go to Fishing Rigs under the Resources banner at thefisherman.com.

Artwork by Savio Mizzi

 Big Baits For Big Fluke




Ocean fluking during September is undoubtedly the most productive for doormats of the year.

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Focusing on prime bottom will yield more keepers on every trip!

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Targeting doormat fluke on rough bottom is often a tradeoff worth sacrificing for.