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May 2017


2017 5 Light Tackle Slam Fluke

Light Tackle Slam

The bay’s spring lineup has the potential to surrender a four-bagger on any given day.

2017 5 Get Jump Weakfish Map

Get a Jump on Weakfish

The series of holes that dot the length of the Canal play host to early arriving weakfish.

2017 5 Forty Years Conservation Officer 1

Forty Years a Conservation Officer

One of the most respected environmental conservation officers to don the green uniform in the downstate region revisits some of the many changes in enforcement, legislation and fisheries management that have occurred during the past four decades.

2017 5 June Hogs Baits

June Hogs

The author shares some tips to help put you on the path to a lunker bucketmouth.

2017 5 Northeast Inshore Boats

Boat Sense: Northeast Inshore Fishing Boats

Each style of boat suited to light tackle fishing in our region brings with it, its own set of virtues to meet a specific set of needs.

2017 5 The Art Of Eging

Plugging for Squid: The Art of Eging

Catching squid is no longer limited to vertical jigging after dark under crowded dock lights.

2017 5 Dreaming Of Tiderunners Afternoon

Spring Weaks: Dreaming Of Tiderunners

Targeting trophy tiderunners with light tackle and artificials remains an annual spring tradition for many anglers. .

Yak It Up

Kayak Buyers’ Guide: Yak It Up!

From paddle, to pedal, to powered, here is a look at a dozen of the top fishing kayaks on the market today.

Chunking Back Bay Bass

The Kayak Advantage: Chunking Back Bay Bass

Chunking bass from a kayak in the shallows provides a unique opportunity to tangle with a trophy striper in relatively calm, protected waters.

Sharpen Your Sharking Skills

Sharpen Your Sharking Skills

A veteran shark angler with numerous tournament wins under his belt shares some intel to give you an edge in the sharking game.

Stripers On The Rebound

Stripers on the Rebound

The abundance of small stripers along the Striper Coast has created some unique light tackle opportunities.

Big Baits For Big Fluke

Tip Of The Month: Big Baits For Big Fluke

With size limits for fluke likely pushing the 19-inch mark in some states this season, targeting bigger fluke with large strip baits from sea robins, bunker, bluefish, mackerel and squid make a lot of sense.

More In This Issue

2017 5 Grilled Tuna

Grilled Tuna or Shark Steaks

This month will see the first tuna reports filtering in from the canyons, along with the first sharks of the season before next month’s influx of shark tournaments.

2017 5 Bananas

Superstition: Fact or Fiction

2017 5 Eatons Neck Triangle

Eatons Neck Triangle

Those who fish the pristine waters of Long Island Sound’s Eaton’s Neck, which rests north of Northport Bay, should be familiar with the fishing grounds known as the Eaton’s Neck Triangle.

2017 5 Upscale Fiberglass

Upscale Fiberglass

Certain situations call for a light action rod with an action less stiff than all-graphite rods.

2017 5 Sea Eagle Fishsup

Sea Eagle FishSUP and FastTrack

Looking for an economical and efficient fishing platform that provides a stealthy approach into the shallowest and most difficult to reach fishing areas?


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