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December 2019


You will often see these migratory rainbows holding in the pools.

Pulaski Trout: Best in the World?

Few places exist where you can catch trout this size in these numbers, now is the time to start fishing here.

this cousin of the striped bass is a great off-season target.

Winter Angling: the White Perch Option

Common in almost all tidal rivers of Southern New England, this cousin of the striped bass is a great off-season target.

The boy loved to fish and wanted nothing more than to spend the entire two weeks fishing for stripers on his family’s vacation to Sakonnet.

Christmas Gifts: Delivering on a Promise

In a time of giving be careful of what you promise as fulfilling such commitments can come at a cost, one way or the other.

Flies are a great option when targeting December pickerel,

Pickerel on the Fly: An Underappreciated Fishery

With open-water options waning in the 12th month, the lowly pickerel offers an excellent opportunity to put a bend in your rod.

Rocket Charters’ captain Paul Risi readies the net

Northeast Striped Bass Study: Tag #2 is Found

The second tag is in with full results to be revealed in late December.


2019 Holiday Gift Guide

This year’s Gift Guide features a wide selection of fishing related products designed to meet the gift giving needs of any angler, from stocking stuffers to that once in a lifetime gift.

More In This Issue

The Sandbank Channel

The Sandbank Channel, Rhode Island

A longstanding spot for winter cod with a shot at pollock and black sea bass in season.

So many promises, so many disappointments.

Sharing the Wealth

“Do I really need this?” He asked himself while spinning the handle another turn before putting it down. I held my breath as he lifted up another old reel before putting it back on the shelf.


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