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June 2017

2017 6 Elberon Rocks

Elberon Rocks

All I know is that when I want to target doormat fluke during the summer months, I immediately head to the Elberon Rocks.

2017 6 Fighting Big Fish From The Sand Ray

Fighting Big Fish From the Sand

June offers its fair share of trophy stripers in the surf, with big rays and sandtigers in the mix soon enough – are you ready?

2017 6 Inshore Coastal Sharking Main

Inshore Coastal Sharkin’

While perhaps not the monster makos of the deep, it’s not exactly like chasing bluegills and tommycod either.

2017 6 Get The Drift You Need MAINPHOTO

Get the Drift You Need

If you’re traveling far and wide this month, you may be missing the very best of the season’s inside action.

2017 6 Duck Island

Duck Island

The Patchogue and Menunketesuck rivers flow south through Westbrook, CT, and provide a forage base for several species of sport fish in the harbor.

2017 6 Ocd Fishing Cuttythunk

OCD & Fishing

A little bit of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder might actually be a good thing for a fisherman.

2017 6 Whats In The Water Main

What’s in the Water?

Beware of the unregulated discharge of pharmaceuticals in sewerage impacting our fish, game and drinking water.

2017 6 Bunker Snag Drag Main

Bunker Snag and Drag

Take advantage of the spring bounty of adult menhaden for a shot at the first wave of large striped bass.

2017 6 Cranking Summer Crappies Trolling

Cranking Summer Crappies

Trolling small crankbaits can be the secret to finding large, summertime crappies as they transition to deep structure.

Mattituck Monsters

A quick steam across Long Island Sound puts anglers right in the heart of some awesome June fluking.

My First Unicorn

I became obsessed with trying to land one of these fish, but despite my best efforts it began to look like it was simply not in the cards until the night of the full moon.

2017 6 Sunrise Point

Sunrise Point

Every young boy lives in the sunrise of life. A gathering of conscious light growing taller like his body.

2017 6 The Miller Wreck

The Miller Wreck

Sail approximately 13 miles southeast of Moriches Inlet to the coordinates above and you’ll be sitting smack over the Miller Wreck, which is the remains of a long ago sunken tug boat.

2017 6 Making Tides Work For You Beaches

Making Tides Work for You

Once you realize how tides affect baitfish movement, it will allow you to find and target gamefish with more consistency.