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June 2017

2016 6 Contender 39fa

Contender 39 FA Fisharound

One of Contender’s hottest new rides is their 39 FA, which signifies that this is a true “fisharound” design.

2017 6 Igfa Top Shot Rule Change

IGFA Top-shot Rule Change

So long as the top-shot is at least 15.5 feet, the tackle rating is considered at the breaking strength of the top-shot, not the backing.

2016 6 Small Clubs Doing Big Things

Small Club Doing Big Things

Despite being a relatively small club, the Freeport Hudson Anglers Club has managed for 45 years to stage one of the largest shark fishing tournaments in the country.

Meeting With New County Parks Commissioner on Access

Back on Friday, May 19th, myself, Craig Berkhardt of Smith Point Bait & Tackle, and representatives from the Long Island Beach Buggy Association, including several board members, met with new Suffolk County Parks Commissioner, Philip Berdolt and principal environmental analyst, Nick Gibbons at County Park Headquarters in West Sayville.

2017 6 Fishing The Squid Grounds Photo By Brian Lockwood

Fishing The Squid Grounds

Savvy fluke fans know that fluke will seek out the spawning grounds of squid that migrate inshore to feed and lay their eggs.

2017 6 Did You Know

Tip Of The Month: Did You Know?

White perch and striped bass are related. Both are members of the Moronidae family of fish, commonly known as the temperate basses, in which both species share the Morone genera.