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Fuji’s Corrosion Control Frames & Fazlite Rings

2017 9 Fuji Corrosion Control1

Fuji Corrosion Control Frames

Fuji’s new Corrosion Control (CC) process is a breakthrough in guide performance that provides seven times the corrosion resistance of standard stainless steel. CC is a proprietary treatment that is not sand or bead blasted and is not painted. CC relies on a series of eco-friendly treatments that molecularly bond to the surface of the metal and provide long-term protection, and while not 100% corrosion proof like Fuji Titanium guides, CC extends the life of stainless by up to seven times when corrosion-tank tested against standard stainless frames. CC frames come in three colors – Silver, Grey and new Gun Metal – will be available in Fuji’s most popular K-Series frames with SiC, ALCONITE and the all-new FazLite rings.

2017 9 Fuji FazLite

Fuji FazLite Rings

New for 2017, FazLite rings combine long-cast performance, durability and the most affordable ring ever pressed into K-Series frames. FazLite rings are braid-proof, super tough, and smooth as silk and come in between the pricing of ALCONITE and Concept “O” rings. They are available in all K-Series frames from KT to KL-H and the all-new CC Corrosion Control frames.

For more information on the full line of Fuji guides, please visit http://anglersresource.net/.



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