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September 2017

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2017 9 Captree Bridge Curse

The Captree Bridge Curse

I can think of a few reasons why maybe I should avoid bridges whenever possible, and in particular the Captree Bridge that spans Long Island’s Great South Bay.

2017 9 Herod Point Shoal

Herod Point Shoal

Located on the north shore of Long Island, between Shoreham to the west and Baiting Hollow to the east, the Herod Point Shoal is approximately a 4.5-mile stretch of fishing paradise that produces throughout the season.

2017 9 HOMER RHODE 1

Homer Rhode Loop Knot

This is a simple and exceptionally strong knot when used with monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders from 20- to 80-pound test.

2017 9 Fuji Corrosion Control1

Fuji’s Corrosion Control Frames & Fazlite Rings

Fuji’s new Corrosion Control (CC) process is a breakthrough in guide performance that provides seven times the corrosion resistance of standard stainless steel.

2017 9 Whole Sea Bass

Whole Sea Bass

There is lots to love about sea bass.

2017 9 Do It Yourself Hook Disgorger

Do It Yourself Hook Disgorger


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