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Hot Spot: Green Ledge

Photo courtesy of Navionics.

Located just southwest of the Norwalk Islands off South Norwalk, Connecticut, the Green Ledge N 41 2. 638 /W 73 26. 029 is a bit of a haul for anglers coming out of Huntington and Northport Bay. However, most Long Island fishermen that fished the Green Ledge often go back for more as this area is paved with bottom fish, which are easy to locate, and the area is also easy to anchor up on. In addition, you have the Great Reef right next door to the east and Buds Reef just a hop, skip, and jump south. The bottom depth at the Green Ledge varies considerably from east to west, with the west dropping into water depth that ranges between 15 to 40 feet, while the east side of the drop-off ranges from 50 to 70 feet. These depths do fluctuate with high and low tide. The entire ledge is chock full of boulders and large rocks, which provide refuge for many species of fish, and many crevices for them to hide in when big gamesters such as striped bass and monster bluefish come strolling along looking for an easy meal.

The action begins by mid-May with striped bass setting up on the drop-offs and feeding on bunker that filters into the Sound. Jigging tactics will get the job done for the bass. You could also give the flutter spoon jigging technique a shot at the larger profile of the spoons mimicking a bunker profile. You could also come across bluefish towards the end of May and the beginning of June. Big and medium size porgies also move onto the ledge by early June, and both the scup and the sea bass spend the remainder of the season among the rockpiles. October and November are especially when Long Islanders steam on over to the Green Ledge as many keeper blackfish from 16 inches to 8 pounds fill coolers. Green and white crabs cut in half and placed on Gamakatsu 3/0 Octopus hooks on a single hook rig is most effective for the tog, while an assortment of artificial lures or regular bottom rigs baited with clams or squid strips will do the job with both the porgies and sea bass.

Lastly, anchoring is paramount in this area for any sort of bottom fishing, as drifting will keep your rigs and lures snagged constantly. Make sure you have enough scope to keep the anchor from dragging and an extra anchor and rope in case you lose the first one. Remember, safety comes first when making the run to this location from Long Island. If you are coming from Long Island and the wind is blowing over 20 knots out of the north, northeast, or northwest, save the trip for another day, as the trip across the Sound will be lumpy and wet. Save the trip for when the winds are light, and you can enjoy smooth sailing.



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