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Seaguar Gold Label 100% Fluorocarbon Leader

seaguar gold labelBack in the “good old days,” saltwater gamefish did not seem to be as leader shy as they are today, especially with the down cycles and added pressures on our coastal fisheries. The secret of high-hook sharpies using fluorocarbon leader to get more strikes per cast, drift or drop is now decades old. But not all fluorocarbon leaders are created equal.

Introduced at last summer’s ICAST tackle show, Seaguar’s Gold Label is a new fluorocarbon leader option that’s designed to fool wary fish. It is the thinnest and strongest leader Seaguar has produced to date—it’s 18 percent thinner, with 17 percent better knot and tensile strength compared to other Seaguar leader materials. Thinner translates to reduced visibility by leader-shy gamefish, especially in shallow waters. And improved knot strength is always a plus when a large predator hits your offering with a reckless abandon and takes off for the horizon or the bottom at a high rate of speed.

Why does using the thinnest diameter in a 100 percent fluorocarbon leader matter? Mark Davis, Seaguar pro angler and host of BigWater Adventures TV, noted, “The thinnest diameter leader at any pound test rating means that with Gold Label, I can make extremely stealthy presentations without the leader impeding the bait’s natural action and bite-triggering abilities. Baits rigged on Seaguar Gold Label will swim more naturally, triggering more bites and putting more fish in the box than ever before.”

Each of these Gold Label advantages complements the well-established benefits of 100 percent fluorocarbon leaders, attributes that result in more strikes and more fish landed. Fluorocarbon is far more abrasion-resistant than monofilament leaders, which is incredibly important when pulling fish out of reefs, wrecks, rocks, dock pilings and other fish-gathering obstructions. In addition, fluorocarbon leaders are virtually invisible beneath the surface, a result of the leader’s index of refraction, which nearly matches that of water. And with new Gold Label, the visibility is even lower than that of other fluorocarbon leaders, simply because Gold Label is so much thinner. That could be a real game-changer.

man holding seaguar gold label to camera

Seaguar, the originators of fluorocarbon fishing lines, is still the only company that completely controls every aspect of fluorocarbon line production, from resin development and preparation to extrusion, winding and packaging. Gold Label is prepared using Seaguar’s proprietary co-extrusion method that yields a unique Double-Structure leader. This exclusive process unites two different fluorocarbon resins: a strong, sensitive fluorocarbon core and a soft, supple, fluorocarbon exterior, into one of the finest leaders available.

Seaguar Gold Label is available in six flavors, ranging from 15-pound test to 40-pound test, on 25-yard spools, with an MSRP ranging from $18.99-$34.99 depending on the pound test selected. For more information, visit


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