Current Issue - The Fisherman
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long island
May 2019

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View of a lighthouse on the edge of an island near the rocks

A Montauk Sleigh Ride

September 29, 1969 dawned grey and overcast over Montauk Point with a light southeast breeze.

Map showing the south wreck

The South Wreck

Laying on a sandy lair just four miles dead south of Moriches Inlet in 95 feet of water is a mysterious steel schooner known as the Sea Wolf or better known by local divers and fishermen as the South Wreck.

man holding seaguar gold label to camera

Seaguar Gold Label 100% Fluorocarbon Leader

Back in the “good old days,” saltwater gamefish did not seem to be as leader shy as they are today, especially with the down cycles and added pressures on our coastal fisheries.


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