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Spooling Backing and Braid

2017 2 Tackle Tip

For the purpose of this column, let’s say I have two Penn Clash 4000s (substitute your own reels) that take 200 yards of 30-pound braid. I need to put mono backing and approx 150 yards of Power Pro braid from a 300-yard spool on each reel.

When am I at half way through the spool, and how much backing do I need?

I measure 10 yards on a yard stick and mark it. I count how many cranks take in the 10 yards. Repeat that 14 times. I connect the mono to the braid and fill the spool, again counting the cranks for mono.

Now this is backwards, so I tie the mono onto the second reel and reel from reel one to reel two. Reel two is now done. I then tie mono backing to reel one (which is empty again) and I crank on the same amount of mono turns, connect the braid, and wind on the rest of the braid. Both reels are now spooled without the use of a metered line winding machine.



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