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February 2017


2017 2 Offshore Pork Choppin Clams

Offshore Pork Choppin’

While cod and blackfish still take center stage, it’s hard to ignore those dinner-plate sized bait stealers filling some rail-hugger coolers.

7 Sensible Surf Suggestions Marks

7 Sensible Surf Suggestions

A few simple surfcasting tasks for the month of February to get you ready for the spring arrival of bass and blues.

2017 Get The Most Out Show Season

Get the Most Out of Show Season

You devise a tactical approach to fishing; why not think strategy when it comes to the fishing shows?

2017 2 Without Science Next Cut Deepest

Without Science, the Next Cut Is the Deepest

What’s the difference between a “benchmark” and any other fluke assessment? Perhaps another month of fishing!

2017 2 Updated Banana

Plug Building: The Updated Banana

Modernizing the unique and ingenious wooden bunker plug.

2017 2 Spinning Reels Chris Gatley Casting At Sunrise

Spinning Reels: The Class of 2017

Blending cutting-edge design, space-age components, and the highest quality and craftsmanship available, today’s spinning reels offer exceptional performance and durability.

2017 2 Travel Log Nola Lou Dericco

Travel Log: “Nola” A Sportsman’s Paradise

World class fishing is just part of the mystique that draws so many anglers to New Orleans and its adjacent bayous.

2017 2 Winter Action Ice Man

Winter Action: Down in a Hole

Fishing doesn’t stop during the winter for those who walk on water. Knowing where to set your holes is the key to a successful outing.

2017 2 Inshore Fishing Boats

Boat Sense: Inshore Fishing Boats

The ideal inshore boat will you serve you well from skinny water back bays to near-offshore sharking or deepwater fluking.

Gearing Up for Winter Cod

A handful of veteran skippers share their insight on what you need to make a successful run at winter cod.

More In This Issue

2017 2 Collins Cove

Collins Cove

Rolling the dice on ice is chancy for sure when contemplating hardwater ventures in South Jersey; doubly so if said swim is influenced by the lunar-driven rise and fall of the tidewaters below the Trenton-to-Point Pleasant demarcation.

2017 2 Whale Tale

A Whale of a Tale

2017 2 Reelin Fast Lane

Reelin’ in the Fast Lane

Your favorite tackle shops are re-stocking their displays with the latest tackle and if you’re looking to add a new reel to your arsenal this is the prime time to check them out.

2017 2 Salmon Tartare Raw

Salmon Tartare (Raw)

This time of the year, when the choice of fish we catch is limited to just a couple of species, you might want to consider spending a few bucks at your local fish market on “fresh” salmon.


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