Long Island Video Fishing Forecast - March 16, 2023 - The Fisherman

Long Island Video Fishing Forecast – March 16, 2023

Babylon Fishing Flea Market Sunday – Cod, Pickerel, White Perch & Trout

While the wind has kicked up the past few days, putting a halt on cod fishing attempts, some decent results came about from the trips right beforehand and the good fishing should carry over when the ocean settles again. Conformation on a state record along with freshwater fishing updates and imminent trout stocking in the near future are also discussed. Still no word on the sea bass regulations for 2023 but they will be coming in due time also. This weekend is also filled with events such as the Babylon Fishing Flea Market and the Edison Saltwater Fishing Expo in New Jersey if you’re willing to travel a little further. Either way, The Fisherman Magazine will have a presence at both. Come on down and say hello to the crew if you decide to attend.