New Jersey Video Fishing Forecast - April 8, 2021 - The Fisherman

New Jersey Video Fishing Forecast – April 8, 2021

Delaware & Raritan Spawners – The Jersey Run Continues

Just how good is this New Jersey striper run right now? You know the one about the blind squirrel and the nut? This week, hit the road with The Fisherman’s Jim Hutchinson, Jr. as he gets on the stripers by boat, plugging away out of South Amboy with the Shore Catch crew. Next it’s on to Julian’s in Atlantic Highlands for a look at what’s new at this legendary bayshore bait and tackle staple. The Delaware River action continues as well, as the big girls are fattening up even more for their journey up the sweetwater to spawn. While the annual “striper migration” may be a ways away for the folks in New York and New England, the hardcore striper fishermen of the New Jersey, Delaware Bay are already buttoned up – and that action should only improve! Also this week, the Garden State trout season kicks off, while the for-hire fleet not already busy with the bass are heading east for the tautog grounds.