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New Jersey & Delaware Bay Video Fishing Forecast November 30, 2023

NJ Stripers – Madness, Mayhem & Management Meetings As of this very morning, the final day of November, there are still striped bass racing through the Ocean and Monmouth County surf with reckless abandon, while jumbos are on the prowl just inside the line down into Atlantic and Cape May County taking live baits, mojos, jigs and umbrella rigs. In this week's video fishing forecast for the New Jersey, Delaware Bay region we're at the annual tackle dealer show in Atlantic City after spending Tuesday in the Ocean County surf with friends from the American Sportfishing Association. On Tuesday, December 5, the state of New Jersey will host an in-person striped bass management discussion Manahawkin with the ASMFC to discuss future regulatory changes to the fishery. In this week’s full video fishing forecast, learn why your opinion on striped bass management is so important when you consider how loud and abrasive some voices have become. Blitzing stripers, blackfish, sea bass, management discussion, mysterious tar balls and a few holiday gift ideas from Atlantic City, all in this week’s full video fishing forecast.


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Northern New Jersey Fishing Reports

Bayonne Fishing Reports

Report by True World Tackle

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:23

We spoke with Akira over at True World Tackle who told us he still got reports of bass being caught in New York Harbor however the number of anglers fishing has really started to taper or off especial... More

Pine Brook Fishing Reports

Report by Fairfield Fishing Tackle

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:10

The news from Joe over at Fairfield Fishing Tackle set the tone for most of our other reports when he said striped bass fishing continues to be very good in northern waters and some of the best fishin... More

Rochelle Park Fishing Reports

Report by Tackle World

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:23

The only report Mark over at Tackle World had for us was of very good fishing off the beaches and in boats with in a short distance from the surf in the middle of the state. Mark said anglers stopping... More

Succasunna Fishing Reports

Report by Ramsey Outdoor

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:23

Over at Ramsey Outdoors in Succasunna Don also told us of good striped bass fishing in the suds along the central portion of the state. He said several anglers told him the bass were smashing any that... More

Sewaren Fishing Reports

Report by Dockside Bait and Tackle

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:03

I spoke with John over at Dockside Bait and Tackle and he told us this past week saw some good striper fishing in the back bay. Most of the bass were keepers and shorts anglers reported. There was als... More

Keyport Fishing Reports

Report by Keyport Marine Basin

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:16

It was another excellent week of striped bass fishing said sources over at the Keyport Marine Basin. The boat launch got a good workout on Saturday with a lot of anglers trying to get some last fishin... More

Report by Keyport Princess

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:16

Saturday proved to be the best day of the week for anglers fishing aboard the Keyport Princess. Capt. Victor Hartley told me the boat had a steady bite of shorts, slots, keepers and a few overs. The b... More

Report by Up Front Bait and Tackle

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:23

We got a call from Steve Haas at Up Front Bait and Tackle and the told me most of the better striped bass fishing has been in the ocean from the Hook down into the middle sections of the state. This p... More

Hazlet Fishing Reports

Report by Tackle Box Fishing Co.

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:23

I spoke with Pat over at the Tackle Box and he said despite the bass moving around the striped bass fishing showed no signs of letting up. Seems most of the bunker has moved out and has been replaced ... More

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Reports

Report by Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:03

It was a quiet week at the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor. Lou Fligor told me, to say this past week?s weather was not conducive of a lot to people fishing would be an understatement. The mid-wee... More

Report by Julian's Bait and Tackle

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:16

The word from Steve over at Julian?s Bait & Tackle was good striped bass fishing but spotty blackfishing. Steve told me very few anglers are tog fishing out of the Atlantic Highlands and most of the s... More

Highlands Fishing Reports

Report by Bahr's Landing Marina

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:03

?This week will be our last week,? said Tim over at Bahr?s Landing Marina. Needless to say it was one heck of a fall fishery and probably the best striped bass fishing we have ever seen in our local w... More

Report by Hyper Striper Sportfishing

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:10

?We had some up and down days of blackfishing this past week with some days very good while other the tog were hard to find,? said Capt. Pete Wagner of the charter boat Hyper Striper. Pete said while ... More

Report by Tagged Fish Charters

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:23

?We got out right after the storm pasted early in the week and found miles of birds and stripers along with some whales,? said Capt. Chad Hacker of Tagged Fish Charters . Chad said he spent the rest ... More

Report by Twin Lights Marina

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:23

Over at Twin Lights Marina Wayne said boat still sailing out of his place were into excellent striped bass fishing to the south off Seaside during the week and got a bonus of bluefin and big bluefish ... More

Report by Two Rivers Charters

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:23

?We have one more week maybe two to go before we call it a season,? said Capt. Fletcher Chayes of Two Rivers Charters. Fletcher said this past week was a mix of good striped bass fishing and spotty bl... More

Belmar Fishing Reports

Report by BeastMode Fishing

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:03

It was limits of striped bass and a couple of decent blackfish trips this past week for anglers fishing with BeastMode Fishing. Capt. Matt Quinones said the striped bass fishing continues to be outsta... More

Report by Big Mohawk III

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:03

Another person that told me his boat had mixed results with the whitechins was Greg Hueth of the Big Mohawk III. Greg said he is not seeing the numbers of tog he normally sees this time of the year. W... More

Report by Fisherman's Den

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:10

It was a good week of fishing in the Belmar area even with the mid-week weather problems according to Tom over at the Fisherman?s Den. Boats fishing for stripers out of Belmar hammered the bass most o... More

Report by Golden Eagle Fishing

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:10

?Even with the Tuesday-Wednesday rains and wind we still had a very good week of striped bass fishing,? cited Capt. Rich Falcone of the Golden Eagle. Rich said if you would have told him in the beginn... More

Report by Miss Belmar Princess

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:16

This past week saw some fantastic fishing with the boat maxing out with keepers and bonus tag fish by 10:30 a.m. according to Capt. Al Shinn of the Miss Belmar Princess. Al said the striped bass fishi... More

Report by Nearfall Fishing Charters

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:16

?We had some good striped bass fishing and had mixed results with the blackfish,? said Capt. Joe Paton of Nearfall Fishing Charters. Joe said the striped bass action continues to be unbelievable with ... More

Report by Ol’ Salty II

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:16

Several trips aboard the Ol? Salty II found excellent striped bass fishing to the south of the inlet this past week. Captain Nick Caruso said there are miles of bass on and just off the beaches and th... More

Report by Parker Pete's

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:23

?It was limits of keepers and bonus fish, along with shorts, and overs on every trip we sailed on this past week,? stated Capt. Peter Sykes of the Parker Pete Express. Pete told me he has never seen s... More

Report by Skylarker

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:23

It was a busy week of fishing with mixed results for anglers fishing with the crew of the Skylarker. Capt. Steve Spinelli said he started the week off by putting members of the Monmouth Beach Car Topp... More

Neptune Fishing Reports

Report by Last Lady Fishing Charters

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:16

?This past week saw our last offshore sea bass trip of the year and it didn?t disappoint our patrons,? reported Capt. Ralph Leyrer of the Last Lady Fishing Charters. Ralph said fishing was very good, ... More

Belleville Fishing Reports

Report by Bullet Hole Annex

December 04, 2023 - 15:39:03

Another person that told us that business is starting to shift from tackle being used to Christmas presents was Nick over at Bullet Hole Annex. He said the mid-week cold spell had anglers scrambling f... More