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New Jersey & Delaware Bay Video Fishing Forecast July 11, 2024

New Jersey – Tuggin’ on Rugs & Doormats "The summer wind, came blowin' in from across the sea," and it blew from the south pulling up cooler water from the bottom for a long-period of upwelling at the Jersey Shore. In this week's video fishing forecast for the New Jersey, Delaware Bay region we look at the weather forecast for the weekend ahead to see what kind of changes might be in store for our inshore fluking opportunities. There's another Dream Boat doormat in the report this week, black sea bass is back in play again as of July 1, and spend time on the open beaches looking for a score. There are a number of unique tagging programs going on right now throughout the region to keep an eye out for. Get a freshwater update from inside the pages of the July edition of The Fisherman and with our own Pocono Outdoors Guy from somewhere deep in the mountains, then wrap it all up this week with a look at sheepshead and other inshore visitors, offshore tuna including a solo battle with bluefin on the midrange grounds, and finally a conservation focus on speckled trout, land-based sharks and the pillaging of menhaden off our coast by the bunker reduction fleet out of Virginia.


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Central New Jersey Fishing Reports

Brielle Fishing Reports

Report by Big Jamaica

July 08, 2024 - 08:32:59

If you got a look at that big tilefish on the cover of this week’s edition of The Fisherman, you may be wondering what it takes to catch one of those big goldens in the deep? You might want to keep... More

Report by Jamaica II

July 08, 2024 - 08:32:59

Capt. Joe said the Jamaica II said the week started off with decent fishing on their Monday morning trip despite a quick drift. Lots of bites with some keepers mixed in. In the afternoon, they just pi... More

Report by Paramount Deep Sea Fishing

July 08, 2024 - 08:32:59

Tony at Paramount Deep Sea Fishing said the week started off strong with great fishing! Gulp has been very handy. There were plenty of ling all around the boat with some getting around 25 to 40 fish, ... More

Report by The Reel Seat

July 08, 2024 - 08:32:59

Logan at the Reel Seat said the river is producing steady fluke action. In the ocean, fluke action is okay, but not at its peak. As the water continues to warm it should get better. Fluke are biting k... More

Point Pleasant Fishing Reports

Report by Canyon Runner Sportfishing

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Capt. Adam of Canyon Runner Sportfishing could not hold back his excitement when I reached out for the fishing report this past week. He said, “Wow, did this week see some of the best fishing of the... More

Report by Fishermen's Supply Co.

July 08, 2024 - 08:32:59

Jason at Fishermen’s Supply said fluke action in the ocean has been on the slow side. Many are fishing locally on the Axel Carlson and Sea Girt, picking away at keepers, but the short life has been ... More

Report by Gambler Fishing

July 08, 2024 - 08:32:59

Capt. Bob on the Gambler said they have been catching some good sized ling recently. Fish are constantly moving, and you really never know what you might catch or see under their powerful underwater l... More

Report by Mushin Sportfishing

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Capt. Alan of Mushin Sportfishing said Capts. George and Dan and Mate Jon had Mark O. and friends offshore this past Wednesday. They had good action with tuna both trolling and on poppers. They had a ... More

Report by Norma K III

July 08, 2024 - 08:32:59

Capt. Danny said the Norma K III started the week off strong with a good number of limits and plenty of short action. The water temperature is rising so the fishing is improving. He said to make sure ... More

Report by Sligo Sportfishing Charters

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

The crew at Sligo Sportfishing said same report as last week as far as inshore goes, as ling fishing remains solid while the fluking is still a bit slow. Tuna fishing on the other hand has been getti... More

Brick Fishing Reports

Report by Gabriel Tackle Company

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Frank at Gabriel Tackle said fishing remains good on local wrecks and reefs. They have been producing a mix of short and keeper fluke. Fishing inside remains good in Barnegat Bay, Manasquan River, and... More

Report by Jersey Hooker Outfitters

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Amanda at Jersey Hooker Outfitters said fluke action has been slow but it’s getting better as the water warms up. Blowfish and spot are keeping folks busy in the bay. Some big sea bass have been rep... More

Normandy Beach Fishing Reports

Report by Charlie's Bait N Tackle

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Pete at Charlie’s Bait & Tackle said there are some spot in the bay. The occasional fluke is being pulled up out front. Crab and clam action has been good.... More

Seaside Park Fishing Reports

Report by Betty and Nick's Bait and Tackle

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

John at Betty & Nick’s said anglers are picking at some spot, puppy drum, and crabs in the bay. Out front, small fluke are biting here and there.... More

Report by Grumpys Tackle

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Liz at Grumpys Bait & Tackle said folks are reeling in bluefish and fluke from the surf. The blues are biting cut bait while fluke hit bucktails and Gulp. There are a lot of spot and blue crabs in the... More

Toms River Fishing Reports

Report by Better Bait and Ice

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Bob at Better Bait and Ice said fluke are biting near the sedges, BB, and BI buoy. In the Toms River, anglers are landing blues and perch. Saturday night, anglers reported landing some stripers by Ort... More

Report by Hook House

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Aiden at Hook House Bait & Tackle & Go Fish Bait and Tackle said fluke are biting off the beach and in the inlet. A couple of blues were also reported from the beach. Spot are biting in the bay. Crabb... More

Waretown Fishing Reports

Report by Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Capt. Joe Rizzo of Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters said he got out Tuesday before the holiday and landed 13 fish, all between 17 and 17.5 inches, so unfortunately they had to be thrown back. He was jigg... More

Report by Creekside Outfitters

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Liam at Creekside Outfitters said fluke are starting to come outside. Blowfish are pulling up inside. There are still some bass and blues around. Tuna are starting to move inshore. Sea bass are chewin... More

Barnegat Light Fishing Reports

Report by Bobbies Boats Bait & Tackle

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Vince at Bobbie's Boats said there was much better fluke action this week on minnows. Some spot have showed up. A ton of skates are in the bay, as well as some blues and stripers if you can get betwee... More

Report by Mary M IV

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Capt. Sam Rescigno of the Mary M IV said they have been mixing it up as of late. They start their mornings off targeting some blues and bonito. The blues are about 1 to 3pounds. They are getting easy ... More

Report by Miss Barnegat Light

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Capt. Lenny of Miss Barnegat Light said the fluke action has been hit or miss. Their last trip produced a little better results with more action and nice keepers. They are looking forward to their tun... More

Ship Bottom Fishing Reports

Report by Fisherman's Headquarters

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Greg at Fisherman’s Headquarters said the water has bounced back from the upwelling. He said to try to find some shallower water in the bay for better bites as the water is still warming up. The flu... More

Long Beach Island Fishing Reports

Report by Jingles Bait and Tackle

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Steve at Jingle’s Bait and Tackle in Beach Haven said fluke are biting Gulp in the surf. The bay has been on the slower side.... More

Beach Haven Fishing Reports

Report by Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Members of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association kept busy heading into the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Capt. Raymond Lopez reports the Miss Liane is now sailing for billfish and tuna, and j... More

Report by Miss Beach Haven

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Capt. Steve Palmer of the Miss Beach Haven reported good catches of sea bass nearshore. They also found fluke in the inlet.... More

Surf City Fishing Reports

Report by Surf City Bait and Tackle

July 08, 2024 - 08:33:00

Tom at Surf City Bait and Tackle said the surf is offering kingfish, spot, croakers, and a few flounder. Tom said, “The action will be good for a day, then it slows, then its good again.” There h... More