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September 24, 2020 New Jersey/Delaware Bay Fishing Report with Jim Hutchinson, Jr.

Staff from The Fisherman Magazine hasn’t manned a booth for a local boat or outdoor show since the Asbury Park plug show in March, so it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited to return to action this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 25-27 at First Energy Park (Blue Claws stadium) in Lakewood. Get your new or renewing subscription at the show and walk out with a Savage sand eel package, a great bait for the fall run. Of course, if you’re like us, you also picked up a plug or two in Asbury Park earlier this year which you’re hoping to soak in the fall surf; the latest NOAA Weather forecast has W/NW winds predicted most of the day Thursday which could help cool water temps and kick those peanuts and mullet in the tails in jumpstarting the fall action. Many folks are checking the NOAA offshore weather forecast on the hour to look for windows to sail towards the tuna grounds; not much to report in recent weeks due to turbulent seas, but there looks to be a shot or two in the upcoming forecast. Another red drum makes the South Jersey forecast this week, and many folks in Cape May County in particular are hopeful for another speck-tacular run of spotted trout this fall. Meanwhile there are a few stripers being reported by those fishing off the beach and in the back along the sedges and sod banks. Welcome to official start of fall!


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Report by Tuckerton Bait and Tackle

September 21, 2020 - 09:28:44

According to Mike with Tuckerton Bait and Tackle, the final week of flounder season saw very few boats venture offshore due to the poor weather conditions. One of Mike’s regular customers did get ou... More

Port Republic

Report by Chestnut Neck Boat Yard

September 21, 2020 - 09:28:44

Mitch with Chestnut Neck Boat Yard checked in with a report and didn’t even mention flounder fishing. Perch, stripers, weakfish and large catfish were caught even in the less than favorable weather ... More


Report by Absecon Bay Sportsman Center

September 21, 2020 - 09:28:44

As predicted by Capt.Dave with Absecon Bay Sportsman’s Center, Mother Nature shut down the flounder season this year with steady winds out of the northeast making it impossible for anglers to get out... More


Report by Riptide Bait and Tackle

September 21, 2020 - 09:28:44

Bluefish, kingfish and spot are still being caught all along the Brigantine Beach according to Capt. Andy with Riptide Bait and Tackle. The kingfish and spot are hitting bloodworms while the blues ar... More


Report by Ray Scott’s Dock

September 21, 2020 - 09:28:44

Robin with Ray Scott’s Dock reported that a couple days this past week were fisable for the smaller boats and rental boat fleet in the back bays. Not far from the dock the flounder season came to an... More

Report by Keeper

September 21, 2020 - 09:28:44

After a summer of catching literally thousands of flounder, Capt. John of the Keeper finished up his season and is now headed to the Florida Keys for the winter. Safe travels and we will see you in Ma... More

Somers Point

Report by Waterfront Marine

September 21, 2020 - 09:28:44

Slow week of fishing due to the weather according to the crew at Waterfront Marine. The bigger boats couldn’t get offshore until Wednesday or Thursday, and when they did, the many couldn’t get the ... More

Ocean City

Report by Fin-Atics

September 21, 2020 - 09:29:52

A few flounder were caught in the back bays of Ocean City this week according to the folks at Fin-Atics. Most boaters did not venture too far due to the windy conditions. Very few made it out to the... More


Report by Bait N' Hook

September 21, 2020 - 09:29:52

Perch fishing was fantastic this week according to customers at Bait N’ Hook. With all the wind and unsettled weather, the rivers and creeks offered plenty of shelter especially for kayak anglers. ... More


Report by Avalon Hodge Podge

September 21, 2020 - 09:29:52

Tammy with Avalon Hodge Podge reports that the back bay is loaded with peanut bunker and mullet, but they are schooling up and moving closer to the inlet every week. The strong winds may have put a p... More

North Wildwood

Report by Grassy Sound Marina

September 21, 2020 - 09:29:52

While most anglers threw in the towel early due to the weather, both the Tomlins and Petersens persisted and got their last flounder of the year this week according to Debbie with Grassy Sound Marina.... More


Report by Pier 47 Marina

September 21, 2020 - 09:29:52

Lots of boaters were crabbing this week due to the windy conditions according to Pier 47 Marina. The crabbing was really good way back in the creeks with the New Moon high tides. Rental boat custome... More

Cape May

Report by Hands Too Bait and Tackle

September 21, 2020 - 09:29:52

Tough week to end the flounder season was the sentiment around Hands Too Bait and Tackle in Cape May. It was almost impossible to get out to the Old Grounds this past week where fishing was the best ... More

Report by South Jersey Marina

September 21, 2020 - 09:29:52

With only two of the last six days fishable, the party boat fleet fishing out of South Jersey Marina wrapped up the flounder season with a big “SMH” (shaking my head). No final buzzer beater this y... More

Report by Cape Queen Charters

September 21, 2020 - 09:29:52

Capt. Mike of Cape Queen Charters will be spending the next few weeks anticipating the opening of sea bass season which is one of his specialties, but he will also be filling the time with trolling tr... More