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Winter's Last Gasp - Saltwater Expo, Stripers & Spring Welcome

It's in the final weekend of winter 2023, and our video fishing forecast for the New Jersey, Delaware Bay region comes to you this week from Fishermen's Source in Monmouth County where you'll find one of several special sales events in the region in the weekend, coincidentally on the same day (Sunday, March 19) as the Asbury Park Fishing Club's 30th annual "Plug Show" just across the Ocean/Asbury line. Of course, there's the big show, the three-day Saltwater Fishing Expo in Edison where you'll find The Fisherman booth #461 and a package set of BKK Hooks and Fight Club from Fishbites with your new or renewing subscription to The Fisherman. We run down the striped bass action from north to south in this week’s report, with a quick hitter up along the "west" side as well, while checking in with a few South Jerseyans getting in on quality largemouth, holdover trout and the arrival of American shad on the Delaware. Don’t forget today’s congressional field hearing in Wildwood, and we’ve got a short “worm ball” video this week to help with your spring striper rigging.


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Southern New Jersey Fishing Reports

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