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How-to: Plug Storage Rack

This easy, do-it-yourself winter project provides you with a neat and efficient way to organize all those plugs that you can’t resist adding to your arsenal.

If you are like most fishermen, you can never have enough plugs of the “right” color, size and action. Even when you run out of room for all of those wood and plastic creations, it is difficult to resist the urge to buy that next “hot” plug. When it comes to serious plug fishermen, the reality is that it gets to a point when they don’t even know what they have. Stored away in plastic or cardboard boxes in the basement, garage or truck, and stuffed into every surf bag or tackle box they own, keeping track of inventory can be a challenge.

This easy to build plug rack solves that problem. Plugs can be organized by type, color and size in full view to make selecting an arsenal for your next foray a piece of cake. It also makes it easy to keep up on plug maintenance. Plugs that could use a touchup of paint or are in need of new hooks or split rings are easily identifiable.

All you need is an hour or two to construct a rack that will allow you to display that ever growing collection of plugs in your garage or basement. The number of plugs in your inventory will help you decide how big a rack you want to make. You might even decide you need more than one rack. I would keep the width of the rack the same since if you go too wide and overload it with plugs, the dowels will bend. If you do feel the need to go wider, consider replacing the wood dowels with steel bars that are sold in larger hardware stores or places like Home Depot and Lowes.


  • 2, 8-foot long pieces of 1 X 3 pine boards
  • Dowels in 1/4 and 1/2 inch diameters (quantity is determined by rack size)
  • 12, 1/1/2 inch sheetrock screws
  • Wood glue
2019 3 How To Plug Storage Rack Rack1
1 Mark each board for drilling.


2019 3 How To Plug Storage Rack Rack2
2 Screw boards together to keep holes aligned while drilling.


2019 3 How To Plug Storage Rack Rack3
3 Measure the dowels for drill bit size.


2019 3 How To Plug Storage Rack Rack4
4 Drill holes.


2019 3 How To Plug Storage Rack Rack5
5 Assemble boards with dowels and legs. Glue dowels in place or tack with a nail gun.


2019 3 How To Plug Storage Rack Rack6A
6 Hang your favorite fish catching plugs.


2019 3 How To Plug Storage Rack Rack7
7 Close up of 6.


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