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Winter Flounder Shore Thing

Winter Flounder, A Shore Thing

A walk down memory lane to the piers and bulkheads, where we’re reminded that the winter flounder is very much about tradition.

Cod Still Winter King Jig

The Cod Is Still Winter King

When it comes to catching cod in the dead of winter, the waters off of Montauk and Block Island are tough to beat.

Hooking Soft Plastics

Hooking Soft Plastics

If you fish soft plastic and biodegradable tails, like Berkley Gulp! for fluke, you’ve probably experienced this problem; a fluke taps the bait, you gently lift the rod to set the hook, but miss the short-striking fish.

Tying a Deceiver

Whether used as a fl y on its own or teaser ahead of a plug, this basic pattern will serve you well.

2017 2 Tackle Tip

Spooling Backing and Braid

For the purpose of this column, let’s say I have two Penn Clash 4000s (substitute your own reels) that take 200 yards of 30-pound braid.

Gearing Up for Winter Cod

A handful of veteran skippers share their insight on what you need to make a successful run at winter cod.