Long Island Video Fishing Forecast - February 4, 2021 - The Fisherman

Long Island Video Fishing Forecast – February 4, 2021


It might not be for everyone, but when temperatures plummet and most anglers are camped indoors, ice fishing becomes a fun and viable option as managing editor Matt Broderick discovered this past week. With temperatures taking a dive next week, there should be plenty of safe ice for those of you who might consider giving it a try. If you do find yourself stuck indoors, Matt has some more guide wrapping tips that will help ease the winter blahs.

Senior editor Fred Golofaro has more news on fishing access as the long awaited Montauk Lighthouse revetment project is finally set to get underway as early as March, but certainly by this spring. One of the benefits of the 30-plus million dollar project will be the creation of a flat surface fishing area ten feet above sea level around the base of the light, and a second tier 20 feet above sea level for tourists to walk around the base of the lighthouse. The project is expected to take two years to complete.