Long Island Video Fishing Forecast - May 4, 2023 - The Fisherman

Long Island Video Fishing Forecast – May 4, 2023

Emergency Striper Regulation Change

First Days Fluking Inside South Shore Bays

The 2023 fluke season is only a few days deep, and while the weather wasn’t the most cooperative for it, some fish were caught along the South Shore and Peconic Bays. Bluefish have spread along the South Shore out to East Hampton beaches, while weakfish are showing a strong presence on the eastern portion of the island. Porgies came in early for western North Shore anglers, but Peconic is leading the charge for them with catches up to 3 pounds. Also, this week’s biggest news was the emergency action taken by ASMFC‘s Atlantic Striped Bass Board on Tuesday regarding striper regulations. Tune in for the details and the new slot limit that will be set.