New Jersey Video Fishing Forecast - October 1, 2020 - The Fisherman

New Jersey Video Fishing Forecast – October 1, 2020

October has two full moons this year, the full Harvest Moon on October 1 and the full Hunter’s Moon on October 31; combined with the new moon on October 16, suffice to say there are enough lunar phases this month to keep striped bass “lunatics” on edge in the coming weeks! The midweek forecast from NOAA Weather has gusting SW winds along inshore waters for Thursday expected to turn NW on Friday, Saturday and Sunday heading into the first weekend of October. Could that be enough to kickstart the bait migration along the Jersey Shore? This week’s full video forecast shows stripers on the feed out back, with all eyes on the inshore waters heading into the weekend with flatter conditions expect to show every dimple, pop and swirl. New Jersey’s black sea bass reopens on October 8 (get your reservations in order now) while the Saturday and Sunday window looks open for those looking to get back on the tuna grounds in the weekend ahead. Fish of the month in The Fisherman’s Coastal Kayak Clash is bluefish, with fish in the double-digit class in serious contention. A couple of events of note to start the week including demo days on Steiger and Robalo boats in Brick, and two “can’t miss” surfcasting events to prep for in the weekend ahead. Fall action is underway; don’t just wait for the reports, let’s make them!