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November 13, 2017:
Over at Fisherman's World Max said the blackfish bite really heated up with the cold front that barreled through this week. The hot zone seems to be 10- to 20-feet of water, and the shop has seen many 8- to 9-pounders this week. The Islands have been very good for bass from 18 inches to 20 pounds—these fish average around 10 pounds. Penfield Reef, Sherwood Island Compo and all through the Harbor have been holding bass. Guys fishing the Norwalk River after dark with chunks and eels are finding a few better ones. Same deal at the Housy mouth. The bigger fish are coming from the East River right now where eel drifters are hitting fish in the 30- to 38-pound class. Blues are mostly under 5 pounds right now, a few big ones are coming from 11B on Diamond Jigs. Blues just seem to be off this year. Albie reports are still popping up too.

Previous Reports

  • November 6, 2017 Open or Close

    Over at Fisherman's World Max told me the Fall Run is in full swing throughout the Western Sound. The hottest area has been the waters between Bridgeport and Stamford and you can find almost any fall species in that zone. Albies are thick right now throughout the area, shore and boat anglers are cashing in on those. A good slug of them has taken up temporary residence in Greenwich Harbor. Bass blitzes are popping up all over the place and at all times of day. There is a wide range of sizes from 18 to 40 inches, 4- to 6-inch plugs seem to be the ticket for these peanut-fueled melees. Schools of adult bunker are being shadowed by 10- to 16-pound bluefish, often with a few kicker stripers in the 30-pound class down below. Check around the islands and the waters off Westport or Sherwood Island for your best shot at these gator blues. Blackfishing has been good, but not insane, limits take a little work but they are common for the guys that don't mind putting in the time. Sea bassing has been slow, the guys that are getting a few are fishing wrecks in 80-plus feet.

  • October 30, 2017 Open or Close

    Over at Fisherman's World Jeremy was back in the chair again, I couldn't afford another massage from the supermodel lookalike so I just laid down on the couch and tried to think happy thoughts while getting the lowdown on the local fishing in Norwalk. He said that the bass fishing has picked up nicely, the mouths of the harbors and rivers have been very good with fish into mid 30-inch class. The bass are on peanuts and they are taking topwater plugs and shads cast from shore or boat. Eel slingers have been catching fish up to about 20 pounds after dark. Blues are mixed in here and there but if you want to target blues deeper chunking seems to be the best bet and the fish have been bigger. Albies are still around in good numbers. Norwalk Harbor has been good for albies shore and boat. Porgies are still around and they are huge. Sea bass seem to be moving deep, but you can still catch them. Blackfishing was a total mixed bag this week, people are catching fish anywhere from 5 to 40 feet of water. Jeremy suggests that you just fish your spots and move around a lot, try some places that aren't well-known and covered with boats and give them a full 30 minutes before moving. And don't be afraid to crush some crabs and chum, it really helps.

  • October 23, 2017 Open or Close

    Over at Fisherman's World Jeremy was back relaxing in the Lay-Z-Boy so I took his report while getting a hot stone massage from a Kate Upton lookalike. He said that blackfishing has been awesome again this week. Shallow water will give you your limit, but you'll be weeding through more shorts; guys fishing 40 feet have been getting fewer bites, but pulling more quality. There have been some big sea bass mixing in at times. Bass fishing has been picking up for the inshore and surf chunkers in mouths of local rivers and harbors—fish to low 40-inch class have been reported. The deep waters off of 11B and 28C have been producing some slammer bluefish—up to 18 pounds. Diamond jiggers are getting a few too, but there have been more weakfish taking the jigs this week. Water temps are still pretty high and the albies are loving it, there hasn't been any one spot that's been hot, but they are popping up all over the place. If you're blackfishing, keep a rod rigged with a tin because you're probably going to see some.

  • October 16, 2017 Open or Close

    Over at Fisherman's World Jeremy was back in the recliner, ready to deliver another scintillating synopsis of the week's fishing. As he predicted, the blackfishing was red hot in shallow water to open the season. Water temps dropped about 8 degrees this week and the blackfish loved it. Limits have not been too tough to come by, although finding a fish bigger than 6 pounds has been tough so far. Jeremy was quick to add that not every spot seems to be holding fish, if you don't get chomped after a few drops, move until you do. Green crabs are crushing fish and it doesn't matter if you throw jigs or rigs, the fish are chewing. The albies are still smoking reels all around the islands, Sheffield Island was the hot spot for most of the week. The hard easterlies this week scattered them by the weekend, but hard east usually brings more albies so let's keep our fingers crossed on that front. Striper action has been very good around the islands this week, but most of the fish are small. If you like topwater action on light tackle though you should be out there throwing a spook in the shallows. There are just enough keeper and larger bass around to keep things interesting. The chunk bite has been slow, when the water temps come down a few more tics, expect that bite to fire up. It's been a weird season for blues and that hasn't changed this week. The guys that are finding them seem to be finding big ones right now, but there is no consistency to the bite. Porgy action has been consistently hot for most of the summer and fall and they are showing no mercy—some nice ones in the mix right now too. Sea bass is picking up now too, keepers are becoming more plentiful. Jeremy said he and his buds had a few pushing 5 pounds while blackfishing one day last week.

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