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Cuda Tackle Center

2018 4 Cuda Tackle Center

Cuda’s new Tackle Center is an innovative tool containment system designed to keep important tools organized and within reach. The Tackle Center conveniently fits into most standard size boat and kayak cup holders and comes with a secure net to keep tools in place – even in the roughest of waters. Accommodating tools like pliers, hook disgorgers and knives up to 7 inches long, the system utilizes a unique patented containment fitting system to secure tools. The tool containment rods can also be removed for easy cleaning. The Tackle Center’s net stretches to cover the system and can be fastened via clips on all four sides. The new containment system is easy to install and fits most standard cup holders.

To install it, simply place the Tackle Center in cup holder, then rotate clockwise until it is snug. Next, secure the net cover once the tools have been added and you’re ready to fish. Like all Cuda products, the Tackle Center, with an MSRP of $57.49, is covered by Cuda’s signature lifetime warranty. Tools are not included. Check out the complete line of Cuda fishing accessories at



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