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Silver Hole

2018 4 Silver Hole

40 60.0’ N / 73 80.4’ W

Located deep inside Jamaica Bay bordering the Train Trestle and Cross Bay Bridge, Silver Hole is a deep water depression once known for its exceptional early spring flounder fishing, which has declined dramatically here, just as it has in most bays and harbors surrounding Long Island. The Hole is situated between the Green W Buoy and Buoy 17. Depths in the hole average 20 feet, with the deeper pockets going down to 30 feet. The bottom contour consists mainly of a muddy bottom. Currents move swiftly through the hole, pushing all types of baitfish and shellfish spat through the area, making it a no brainer as to why a plethora of species frequent this spot. The hole is several hundred yards in diameter with plenty of elbowroom and opportunities for all who seek it.

If spring fever has gotten the best of you, and May, with its weakfish, fluke and striped bass opportunities seems too far off, then you can still count on finding some early season flounder action here. The hole is a good spot in April for anglers anchored in the deeper pockets of the hole, where they are often rewarded with some quality size fish. Chum pots loaded with fresh crushed mussels and mussels on the hooks are the keys to success. Make sure to bring along worms and clams as the flounder’s appetite can vary from day to day.

While flounder fishing may not be what it once was, Silver Hole has become golden with exceptional weakfish action from the spring through the fall. The 2017 season was indeed a memorable one for West End anglers targeting weakfish in the New York Bight, and one of those spots that consistently produced yellowfins was Silver Hole inside Jamaica Bay. The hole comes alive with the big spawning weakfish by the first week of May and usually holds in the area until they drop their eggs, normally by the full moon in June. As the spawned out females depart the area, their smaller younger siblings fill the void and will usually stick around well into October. Last season’s summer and fall runs were excellent so let’s keep our fingers crossed that the 2018 season sees a repeat of last year’s action.

Sandworms and squid strips fished on 3×3 rigs prove most effective on the large spring fish, while soft bait artificial lures get the nod for the summer run fish. Tsunami’s 5-inch Split Tail Minnow in either mullet or bubble gum has proved most effective fishing along the drop-offs of the hole during the outgoing tides. Throughout the season you can expect to find bluefish, stripers, porgies and fluke prowling the area, and all the traditional methods will produce.



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