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April 2018


2018 4 The Evolution Of Soft Plastics SWING SHAD

The Evolution of Soft Plastics

While technological advances played a part in the ongoing evolution of soft plastics, there was also a lot of crossover in baits.

2018 4 Basic Trailer Maintenance Boat

Boat Sense: Basic Trailer Maintenance

If you trailer your boat, now’s the time to make those last minute preparations to get your ride squared away for that first trip to the launching ramp.

2018 4 The Importance Of Scent In Flucking FLUKE SNOUT

The Importance of Scent in Fluking

Catching fluke might not be rocket science, but there is sound science behind it.

2018 4 Springs Soft Bait Secrets Fishes

Tog Kickoff: Spring’s Soft Bait Secrets

From New England through the Mid-Atlantic, the springtime tautog fishery is dominated by the use of soft baits.

2018 4 Hands Free Anchoring Boat

Ways of the New: Hands Free Anchoring

No matter how many seasons you have under your hull, there is always something new to learn.

2018 4 Adapting Your Striper Spread MAIN 1

Mojo Trolling: Adapting Your Striper Spread

The Mid-Atlantic MOJO gains new converts in the Northeast for its simplicity and effectiveness.

2018 4 Dream Boat

2018 Dream Boat Fishing Update

We continue to tweak the Dream Boat formula to level the playing field as much as possible. One of this year’s changes is sure to do that.

2018 4 Hit The Trout Trail Bridge

Hit the Trout Trail

This stretch of Babylon waterway provides a unique opportunity to score some early spring trout action.

2018 4 A Changing Fishery Catch

Sea Bass: A Changing Fishery

In the last few decades, managers seem to have found the right formula and the sea bass population has been growing steadily.

2018 4 Good Bad Ugly Northern Stargazer

Piscatorial Oddities: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Northern waters don’t offer the great variety of species found in Florida and other warm water areas, but there’s a lot more available to us than most anglers realize.

2018 4 What S Up With Strippers Catch

A Season of Change: What’s Up With Stripers

Everyone seems to have their own theory as to why striped bass numbers have declined in the surf and bays. Here are some more to chew on.

2018 4 Fire Island Togging Catch

Spring Blackfish: Fire Island Togging

The relative shallows of Great South Bay should play well during the April blackfish season.

2018 4 Scout 235xsf

Scout 235 XSF

Brand new for 2018, the 235 replaces the 225 XSF model from last season’s lineup and stays true to Scout’s legacy with innovations and high performance, combined with stylish looks and creature comforts.

2018 4 Sea Eagle Fishskiff 16

Sea Eagle Fishskiff 16

Sea Eagle has unveiled their new patent-pending, revolutionary “Roll Up & Stow - Unroll & Go” 16-foot inflatable fishing skiff.

More In This Issue

2018 4 The Old Guy

The Old Guy

My many years as a classroom teacher and district supervisor in the Carteret Public Schools included many memorable classroom moments with students.

2018 4 Rozs Cod

Roz’s Cod

This cod recipe was given to me many years ago, by my good friend Roz.

2018 4 Silver Hole

Silver Hole

Located deep inside Jamaica Bay bordering the Train Trestle and Cross Bay Bridge, Silver Hole is a deep water depression once known for its exceptional early spring flounder fishing, which has declined dramatically here, just as it has in most bays and harbors surrounding Long Island.

2018 4 Weego Jump Starters

Weego Jump Starters

Weego, innovators of portable jump starters and rechargeable battery packs, has introduced a new line of versatile, multi-purpose batteries to jump start vehicles in every engine size and for every budget.

2018 4 Cuda Tackle Center

Cuda Tackle Center

Cuda’s new Tackle Center is an innovative tool containment system designed to keep important tools organized and within reach.


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