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August 2020

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One of the most exciting inshore gamefish

Albie Challenge: Sup Speedsters

In these days of social distancing, here’s how to try the ultimate sport for false albacore and bonito.

An aspect of surf fishing

Summer Surf: Stay Stealthy My Friend

As it is with so many things in life, surf fishing success can be determined by the smallest of details.

The waters east of Montauk

Jumbos Of The Deep: Fluke Off ‘The End’

As we settle into the hot, summer months, so do hefty ocean fluke situate themselves in the 60- to 100-foot depths, especially south of Montauk and eastward beyond Block Island.

A tactic conceived on big trout streams out west

Night Moves: Minnie Mouse Trout

2020 has been a strange year.

When peanuts arrive in late summer, the South County beaches in Rhode Island come alive with striped bass, bluefish and birds.

Early Action: Peanut Bunker Explosion

If you wait until the 9th month for the ‘Fall Run’ to begin you might just miss some of the best fishing of the season.

Kyle and Chris Angelone

Tale End: Monster Of The Lake

It was an overcast, rainy day on Long Island when my brother Kyle, my friend Ricky Hutter and I set out to capture a beast.

Sure a wetsuit is the only way to go if you plan on casting from that far-off rock, but it affords even greater benefit in places where you may never wade deeper than your knees.

Wetsuits In The Surf: No Swimming Required

You don’t have to swim to appreciate the many benefits afforded by a wetsuit.


Summertime Potpourri

Our inshore and offshore waters come alive during late summer with a variety of transient gamefish.

Porgies like this one decked by Zach Stern

Porgies On Artificials: A New Take On An Old Classic

New technology continues to change the way we approach fishing for different species, including the humble but tenacious porgy.

Fish Are Where You Find Them

Shorebound: Fish Are Where You Find Them

A far cry from traditional surf fishing hotspots, these areas offer some very good opportunities not far from home.

Independence is the name of the third striped bass of 2020

Mission Montauk: Sat tag #3 is deployed!

There are currently three 46-inch jumbo stripers swimming around somewhere in the North Atlantic with MiniPSAT devices affixed to their shoulders.

Product Spotlight: Yo-Zuri Mag Popper

Swim it or pop it; either way, the new Yo-Zuri Mag Popper is sure to be a hit!

The author shows off a bull dorado

Minefield Mahi: Targeting Nearshore Dolphin

If the last two summers are a developing pattern, this month should be a good one.

North Meets South: A Daytime Sword Fight

Northeast anglers may want to take a page from their Southern brethren when it comes to targeting daytime swords.

More In This Issue

Chart courtesy of Navionics

Hot Spot: Frisbees Fluke

A hot spot among hot spots, head to the Frisbees for a summertime double-digit fluke.


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