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January 2018


2018 1 Buyers Guide Contender 39 FA Preview

2018 Boat Buyer’s Guide

These are happy times if you are a boat-owner or on the cusp of taking the plunge.

2018 1 Big Stripers Off Virginia Beach MOJO

On the Run: Big Stripers Off Virginia Beach

For those who can’t get enough of the 2017 striper run, consider bundling up for the trip south this month towards Virginia Beach.

2018 1 Long Wintry Road REFURBISH

Airing Down: The Long & Wintry Road

Ways to make the winter months pass more quickly, with a listing of regional local fishing clubs eager to find new members.

2018 1 Hunting Biggest Tog Life THE AUTHOR

Beast Mode: Hunting the Biggest Tog of Your Life

Join the dedicated group of hardcore bottom fishermen who spend a ridiculous amount of time in winter pursuit of “personal best” blackfish.

2018 1 Florida Keys Alive And Well

Winter Travel: Florida Keys Alive and Well

Stretches of the Keys continue to bear the scars of Irma’s wrath, but accommodations are in good supply and the fishing is still first class.

2018 1 Announcing 2017 Dream Boat Winner Image1

Announcing the 2017 Dream Boat Challenge Winner

After seven months of heated competition, another angler is inducted into the brethren of Dream Boat Challenge winners.

More In This Issue

2018 1 New Outboards Motors

2018 New Outboard Motors

With the economy finally showing some signs of life and consumer confidence moving in the right direction, the boating industry in general and the outboard component in particular are both riding in the fast lane.

2018 1 Sands Point Park Hot Spot Close In

Sands Point Park

March 1 cannot pull in soon enough! That’s the train of thought among those familiar with the early spring striper fishery in Ocean County’s Oyster Creek, particularly in the outflow section as the warmed water wends its way to Barnegat Bay.

2018 1 Youngsters Decks Monster Striper

Youngster Decks Monster Striper on Party Boat

For many inshore and surf anglers out there, catching a 50-pound striper is the ultimate accomplishment.

2018 1 Moms Brooklyn Fish Cake

Mom’s Brooklyn Fish Cakes


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