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long island
June 2019


ECOs Reilly, Doroski and Bobseine meet at Shinnecock Inlet

Life as a Dec Eco: Environmental Conservation Officer

An inside look into the day to day activities of an Environmental Conservation Police Officer.

Man holding a triggerfish

Tropical Delight: Get Trigger Happy

Gray triggerfish have become a targeted species for many anglers in the Northeast due to a dramatic increase in their numbers.

Target a Doormat: Working Ocean Structure

Local wrecks and reefs provide the perfect habitat for big fluke during the summer months.

How-to: Interactive Fluking

Finding the best spots around structure, working out currents, wind direction and speed, and making short drifts are all part of precision fluking.

Boat in the water with the city as backdrop

Sat Tags Deployed! Liberty, Freedom & Hope

Landmark Northeast Striped Bass Study by Gray FishTag Research, Navionics & The Fisherman kicks off.


Boat Review: Steiger Craft 23 DV Miami

The Steiger Craft 23 DV (deep vee) Miami is one of the most versatile fishing and family boats in this Bellport, Long Island builder’s fleet.

three men working together to bring a big fish on board

Offshore: Truly a Team Sport

Getting your crew involved in as many aspects of fishing as possible will enhance the team experience and the overall feeling of success for everyone.

A man in blue shirt shows off the big fluke he caught

Frugal Fluking: Maximize Your Baits

Proper care will help catch you more fluke and save a couple bucks in the process.

Artwork of shark

Shark Time: Strategies for Monster Makos

When it comes to bringing a few steaks home, size does matter!

Fish in the water almost caught by net

The Art of Chunking

There is nothing quite as tempting a fresh cut bait, however that is not always available.

Shark with open mouth swimming underwater

Inside the New Mako Regulations

In essence what American anglers are doing is conserving our resource so that other countries can catch more of them.

Man in cap with black sea bass. fish net and rod

Sea Bass 101: Bait ‘em Up!

While diamond jigs are great for picking bull sea bass from deep water, go with bait to take home an easy limit of keepers.

Caught striped bass in water

Striped Bass Update: The Regulations Saga Continues 

“Scientific evidence and what fishermen in our states are seeing on the water tell us that bold action to protect striped bass is long overdue.”

Man in a bat at sea showing off his yellowfin tuna catch

Offshore Prep: Keep Up on the Tuna Troll

A little commotion goes a long way in achieving big game success.

Collection of colorful plugs modified with treble hooks

Reducing Mortality: A Case for One

With a large portion of striped bass “harvest” attributed to dead discards, steps can be taken to lessen your impact without impeding success.

More In This Issue

hand holding a sea bass

My First Bass

Though I fished a lot when was a kid, I stopped when I got into high school.

Breezy Point Jetty

Breezy Point Jetty

Breezy Point is the terminus of the Rockaway Peninsula.


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