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March 2020

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Man Vs Fish Smoked

Man vs. Fish: Smoked

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, but sometimes you simply get smoked!

Three of the pencil poppers used by the author as discussed in the article

Topwater Tactics: Big Pencils

Whether you fish the Canal or an open beach, large pencil poppers have a way of consistently drawing strikes from cow bass.

Effective rigging for haddock fishing can be fairly basic. Unlike cod fishing, more often than not, simple baited hooks will out-fish fancy jigs and teasers.

Season Starter: Hammerin’ Haddock

No cod north of Cape Cod? No problem, set your sights on haddock this spring.

Big bass, like this one, are harder to find in the striper surf. The author received zero confirmed reports of any fifties landed from shore in 2019.

Big Bass Monsters of Today & Tomorrow

Last year was one of social change and new values, and this season will usher in updated regulations, but where will we go from here?

Fluke, an extremely popular target from the kayak

Yak It Up! A New Way to Win in 2020

Propel your way into the record books as the winner of The Fisherman’s inaugural Coastal Kayak Clash.

EW185cc with old Yamaha S130 V4 2-stroke

A Guide to Repowering With Outboards

The author shares his years of experience to help you select the right power plant for your fishing machine.

A pair of tuna that fell to rainbow machine side trackers.

Widespread Hookups: Tracking for Bluefin

Bluefin action was off the charts in 2019, especially for those who included wide and side trackers in their spread.

Screenshot from “BORE” a fly fishing short film by Tim Myers of Myers Media due out later this year showing off striped bass fishing on the world’s highest tides.

Nova Scotia: Stripers of the Northland

The striped bass population is alive and well many miles north of the proverbial “Striper Coast.”

2T Pencil Plugbuild

2020 Plug Building: The 2T Pencil

The story behind and the instructions to build a lure that has reached almost mythical status in recent years up and down the Striper Coast.

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Final Run of Fishing Shows in March

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Attend Striper Surf Day on April 4

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Visit the 2020 Northeast Fishing & Hunting Show in March!

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The Fisherman TV is Now Streaming!

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RISAA Show Hits Providence March 27-29


Tony Maja Custom Mojo Rod

Trolling is the go-to technique for catching more and bigger striped bass, and Tony Arcabascio has been on the cutting edge of striper trolling innovations for over 50 years.


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