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November 2017


2017 11 Baiting For Tog Catch

Getting Crabby: Baiting for Tog

The difference between scoring a limit of bulldog white chins versus a pail of borderline keepers comes down to how well you present these crusty crustaceans.

2017 11 Winterizing Tips Boat

Winterizing Tips

Doing a thorough winterization on your fishing machine will help insure a smooth start-up come springtime.

2017 11 Fall Blitz Fishinng At Ibsp LYNCH

Late Season Hotspot: Fall Blitz Fishing at IBSP

As the fall migration works its way south, surfcasters from up and down the Striper Coast descend on this fishy stretch of the Jersey shore.

2017 11 Bluefins For The Holidays Bluefin 1

Late Season Tuna: Bluefins for the Holidays

Find the right weather window and you could be tangling with bluefins well into the holiday season.

2017 11 Trolling The Deep Divers Boat

Striped Bass How-to: Trolling the Deep Divers

If trolling stripers is on your fall itinerary, you’d be foolish not to take advantage of this highly effective technique.

2017 11 Fishing Rhodys Rocks 5

Fishing Rhody’s Rocks

The Ocean State offers more than 380 miles of coastline; here’s how to approach it in search of striped bass.

2017 11 Kayak Tog Tactics Main

Kayak Tog Tactics

A kayak provides the perfect vessel from which to target shallow-water blackfish in the fall.

2017 11 Pollock Slam Main

Pollock Slam!

Travel north to experience a groundfish blitz in the Gulf of Maine this fall.

2017 11 Fall Togging Catch

Fall Togging

From the days of heavy, tarred handlines to the jigs preferred by many today, the blackfish remains a fall staple throughout New England.

2017 11 Diamonds Sea Bass Catch

Bigger Biscuits: Diamonds for Sea Bass

Turn to diamond jigs and teasers to target humpback sea bass this fall.

2017 11 Pusuit Dc 235

Pursuit DC 235 Dual Console

More In This Issue

2017 11 Browns Reef Long Island Sound

Browns Reef, Long Island Sound

Browns Reef, as it’s referred to by Branford bottom fishing regulars, is actually a cluster of individual structures, each with its own name and navigational aid, but often collectively known as “Browns.”

2017 11 Blackfish Peanut Sauce

Blackfish in Hot Peanut Sauce

Here’s a unique twist to blackfish that will really appeal to those who like a little kick to their sea food. This recipe serves four to six.

2017 11 Juice It Up

Juice It Up!

Scents are a product that I firmly believe in, especially when employing the liquid on artificial lures for fluke and sea bass.


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