NJ/DE Bay Region Fishing Forecast - January 25, 2024 - The Fisherman

NJ/DE Bay Region Fishing Forecast – January 25, 2024

“So, What Happened At ASMFC With Striped Bass?”

Just 36 days from the opening day of New Jersey’s “outback” striper fishery, and many local captains we’ve spoken to in recent days are anxiously awaiting that spring run of stripers, and the news from the management folks.  So, in addition to covering the latest with blackfish, cod and white perch, we’ve got a full rundown sometime around the 19-minute mark of this week’s video fishing forecast detailing what happened in that 5-hour meeting of the ASMFC Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.  Learn all the details on the approved recreational and commercial measures, including New Jersey’s Striped Bass Bonus Program.  Plus, in the first half of this week’s forecast, Jenni runs us through some of the latest new boat and motor offerings she found while walking the floor at the Javits Center during this week’s New York Boat Show, and the Pocono Outdoors Guy gives an update on local ice fishing conditions.