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April 2017


2017 4 Top Lures Flies Baits For Trouts Art

Tip of the Month: Best Baits and Lures for Spring Trout

Buckle Up Rainbow Ride

Buckle Up for the Rainbow Ride!

This year’s crop of rainbow trout stocked in New Jersey waters promises for another banner spring-into-summer season.

Fluking New Year

Fluking in the New Year

As we wait to learn our fluke fate this month, here are a few summer flounder tips to tide you over until the first tides of 2017.

Summer Flounder Spring Overcome

Summer Flounder of Spring

As we wait to learn our fluke fate this month, here are a few summer flounder tips to tide you over until the first tides of 2017.

Springs Tackle Busting Blues Jetty Jocks

Spring’s Tackle Busting Blues

As you’re reading this, the arrival of marauding bluefish may already be underway somewhere between Indian River and the Raritan!

Dream Boat Challenge

2017 Dream Boat Challenge

Get the details on The Fisherman’s 2017 Dream Boat Fishing Challenge. The ultimate subscriber only, multi-species fishing competition.

A Trophy Dozen: Where To Find Your 50-Pounder

From spring through fall, here are a dozen locations on the Striper Coast that could connect you to that mystical 50-pounder.

Family Fishing Boats

Family Fishing Boats

The ideal family fishing boat can go a long way toward building a lifetime of lasting memories.

Baiting Beyond Bar

Distance Matters: Baiting Beyond the Bar

There’s no need to look beyond standard surf gear when it comes to improving your casting distance.

Northeast Musky Destinations Brian Tola

Mini Travel: Northeast Musky Destinations

The Northeast offers plenty of places to tangle with the fish of 10,000 casts.

Casting For Fluke Deck

A Light Approach: Casting For Fluke

Casting will expand your fluke fishing skills and put more fish in the cooler.

Blessing Cursed Blues

The Blessing Of The Cursed Blues

Always willing to brawl, the spring arrival of these yellow-eyed battlers on the inshore scene is a celebrated event.

More In This Issue

2017 4 Texas Tower 4

Texas Tower #4

Most offshore guys know about the Texas Tower; she went ghost in the last two years as the NOAA offshore buoy #44066 that marked the location went adrift on January 11, 2015, was retrieved on the following day, and then finally redeployed on November 17, 2015.

Invincible 42 Center Cabin

Boat Review: Invincible 42 Center Cabin

2017 4 Sealing The Deal

Sealing the Deal

Anyone who fishes the Northeast from Long Island north to the Cape during the late fall has noticed the increasing number of seals in these waters over the past decade.

Pick Your Braid

Pick Your Braid

In 1991 Western Filament introduced Tuf-Line, the first superline, followed soon after by Spiderwire and Berkley’s Fireline, which ushered in the modern era of braided lines, probably the most significant fishing tackle innovation in the past 50 years.

Cod With Crab Meat Topping

Cod With Crab Meat Topping

Here’s a great recipe for those of you who stocked up on cod this winter, or for those who are working on spring-run fish.


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