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August 2018


2018 8 Deep Dropping For Doormats NICK MAIN

Dream Big: Deep Dropping for Doormats

Late summer fluking can yield some of the biggest fish of the season, including some worthy of Dream Boat status.

2018 8 Albies Spanish Macks Bonito Catch

Southern Speedsters: Albies, Spanish Mackerel and Bonito

These late summer visitors are a fan favorite of light tackle anglers in the Northeast.

2018 8 Always In The Game Capt

Summertime Wreck Fishing: Always in the Game

The modus operandi for wreck fishing changes with the seasons, and the summer months typically offer the most varied possibilities for success.

2018 8 Perfecting The Spread Catch

Mid-range Trolling: Perfecting the Spread

Tried and true trolling spread techniques that turn on tuna and mahimahi.

2018 8 Feed Em An Eel Catch

Summer Stripers: Feed ‘Em an Eel

Casting eels at night in the August surf is the surest way to fend off the summer doldrums.

2018 8 Diversify Your Fluke Fishing Catch

Diversify Your Fluke Fishing

Having the tools to shift gears and vary your approach to the fluke game helps you catch more and bigger fluke over the course of a season.

2018 8 Yesterday Today Tomorrow Fish

Offshore Trolling: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Arm yourself with the latest innovations in trolling lures, but don’t overlook some of those oldies but goodies.

2018 8 Skinny Water Fluke Fish

Late Summer: Skinny Water Fluke

It’s really cool being able to physically watch the entire process unfold as a fish eats my bucktail.

2018 8 Big Trout Dog Days MAIN TROUT

The West Branch: Dog Day Trout

It’s a relatively short trip from urban to extraordinary, where big trout oblige in summer’s heat.

2018 8 Frisbees Monster Fluke Catch

Doormatville: Frisbee’s Monster Fluke

The Montauk fluke season of 2017 will no doubt go down as one of the best since back in the 1970s.

2018 8 Weakfish Of Summer Kirk Worm

Great South Bay: Weakfish of Summer

If you forget about targeting weakfish once June rolls around, you could be missing some of the best action of the year.

More In This Issue

2018 8 Triple Crown Stripers John

Triple Crown Stripers

Reliving an epic day of striped bass fishing off of Long Island’s South Shore on June 9 of this year.

2018 8 Cortland Master Braid

Cortland Master Braid

Designed for a wide range of fresh and saltwater applications, Cortland Master Braid™ incorporates Opti-Con™ technology to join the optimum number of bundles of individual gel-spun fibers into a tighter braid structure, providing optimum strength and handling.

2018 8 Gardiners Island

Gardiners Island

Gardiners Bay is approximately 10 miles long and 8 miles wide, and sits between the two forks at the eastern end of Long Island.

2018 8 Soy Tuna

Soy Tuna

The next time you connect with a bluefin tuna, try this. It is my ultimate recipe for bluefin, and one that is sure to impress your dinner guests.


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