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July 2017


2017 7 The Saving The Zuni Tamaroa

The Saving of the Zuni/Tamaroa

While visitors flock to the Jersey Shore, some anglers are finding a more relaxed summer setting on inland hotspots.

2017 7 Explore Summer West Shore Main

Explore Summer West of the Shore

While visitors flock to the Jersey Shore, some anglers are finding a more relaxed summer setting on inland hotspots.

2017 7 Pompano Summers Jack All Trades

Pompano, Summer’s Jack of All Trades

Lighten up in the surf this summer, there’s no telling what type of tasty treat you’re apt to encounter.

2017 7 To Hold Or To Deadstick Drop Back

Fluke Tactics: To Hold or Deadstick

If you’re one of those anglers who swear by deadsticking, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to reconsider your technique.

2017 7 Light Tackle Dolphin Mahi Tommy Fisherman

Mahi Madness: Light Tackle Dolphin

Dolphin, dorado, or mahimahi, whatever name you prefer, they are exciting to catch and delicious on the table.

2017 7 Maximizing Range Speed Fishing Time Twin 150 HP Evinrude E TEC G2's

Boat Sense: Maximizing Range, Speed and Fishing Time

Knowing your boat’s optimum fuel economy and its realistic range are the secrets to knowing how far you can travel and how much fishing time you will get.

2017 7 Yellowfin Trolling Tactics CARMEN TUNA

Offshore Savvy: Yellowfin Trolling Tactics

A successful day on the offshore grounds requires more than just a thorough knowledge of water temperature, clarity and the location of baitfish, but it is a good place to start.

2017 7 Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing Main

New Horizon: Stand-up Paddle Board Fishing

Its benefits are many and drawbacks few, according to those who angle from these unique platforms.

2017 7 The Eclectic Striped Bass Diet Main

Forage Factor: The Eclectic Striped Bass Diet

Improve your own predatory insight and fish hunting skills through scientific analysis of striped bass forage.

2017 7 Top Tips Summer Success Fluke 2

Five Fluke Hacks: Top Tips For Summer Success

Finding keepers under today’s regulations requires anglers broaden their efforts in order to improve catch rates.

More In This Issue

2017 7 Barnegat Light Reef

Barnegat Light Reef

Easily accessible and perfectly productive for both small and large boaters, the Barnegat Light Reef is an easy 3.1-mile run straight east out of Barnegat Inlet.

The Bridges & “Kamikaze Bob”

More than 30 years ago, maybe more, I regularly fished the nine bridges that wound over the marshes and channels north of Jones Beach on Long Island.

2017 7 Furuno Dff3d

Furuno DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar

2017 7 Here Comes Daisy

Here Comes Daisy

There’s no debating the effectiveness of daisy chains on the offshore grounds.

2017 7 Whole Fried Porgy

Whole Fried Porgy

Here’s a pan fried treat that will have you and your guests clamoring for more of these saltwater panfish.


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