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June 2018


2018 6 Early Season Offshore Forecast1 SST

Northeast Region: Early Season Offshore Forecast

The large warm core eddy south of Block Canyon and east of Hudson Canyon is already providing some favorable offshore conditions for sharks and tuna.

2018 6 SEA ROBIN Salad Fish

Sea Robin Salad: Weigh ‘em & Eat ‘em

A simple recipe that will make you glad that you brought a few birds home for the cleaning table.

2018 6 A Recipe For Summer Success Boat

Troll for Fluke: A Recipe for Summer Success

When wind and tide conspire to sabotage your fluke catching efforts, trolling can help make things right.

2018 6 Fuel System Maintenance Tips Underwater

Boat Sense: Fuel System Maintenance Tips

Experience a glitch in your engine’s fuel supply system and you are going to have a very bad day.

2018 6 The Proper Pack Out Choose Wisely Water

The Proper Packout: Choose Wisely

Some sound advice on selecting the proper gear for your next kayak fishing trip.

2018 6 Big Plugs For Bigger Stripers Catch Main

The Night Shift: Big Plugs for Bigger Stripers

Sometimes you have to “go big” or “go home” when it comes to plugging the surf at night for large striped bass.

2018 6 Shark Science Shark

Shark Science: Increase Your Tournament Odds

Here are some ways to help improve your crew’s chances at hooking up with that tournament winning shark.

2018 6 Fluke Strategy Science Sex David

X’s & O’s: Fluke Strategy, Science & Sex

A quick look at back bay fluke tactics, the migration and the new science on summer flounder.

2018 6 Live Bait Monster Bass MAIN PHOTO

Got Bunker? Live Bait & Monster Bass

A look at the historic return of menhaden and the epic striper action those lively baits bring.

2018 6 On The Fly KENS PIKE

Passaic River Pike: NJ Northerns on the Fly

The 80-mile long Passaic River is a perfect place to begin a kayak fly fishing adventure.

2018 6 Tracking Grand Slammers FLUKE

Changing Migrations: Tracking Grand Slammers

Captains offer thoughts on the everchanging migrations of fluke, weakfish, bluefish and stripers.

2018 6 Love Those Blue Claws Couple

Summer Traditions: Love Those Blue Claws!

A big Somers Point contest this month reminds us all of the seasonal joys of crabbing.

2018 6 Poppin For Stripers Catch

Poppin’ for June Stripers

From bay to surf to just a bit outside, poppers are tops for getting bunker hungry stripers to strike.

More In This Issue

2018 6 Tale End Paul Delaney

I Wish I Had a Wetsuit, or a Large Coffee

My friend called me about two hours into the Ocean City fishing flea market on April 14; the bite was on, but 95 miles to the north of where I was working. 

2018 6 Sea Hunt Ultra 255 Se Cc

Sea Hunt Ultra 255 SE CC

The Sea Hunt 255 SE is the new flagship of their growing Ultra fleet and is one of the most comfortable fishing boats in her class.

2018 6 Steiger Craft 23 Dv Miami

Steiger Craft 23 DV Miami

Dream Boat contestants have something to look forward to for this season’s event.

2018 4 Yo Zuri

Yo-Zuri Hydro Minnow LC

From shallow-water back bays to the crashing surf to offshore pursuits, stickbaits are a staple plug in the arsenal of a wide range of saltwater anglers.


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