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March 2017


Offshore Windfarms

Offshore Wind farms

What effect will proposed off shore wind farms have on both commercial and recreational fisheries here in New England?

Hunting Spring Largies Dressed

Hunting Spring Largies

As winter gives way to spring, largemouth bass begin to move shallow and they are eager to feed.

2017 3 Last Years Fifties Catch

Last Year’s Fifties

Striper fishing last year held, but the monsters never really showed.

2017 3 Guide Buying First Boat

Boat Sense: A Guide To Buying Your First Boat

The boating lifestyle can be richly rewarding, but it can also be a major headache if you make the wrong choices.

2017 3 Spring Salmon Trout Explosion

Lake Ontario: Spring Salmon & Trout Explosion

The Lake Ontario region offers some excellent angling opportunities for coastal anglers waiting out the arrival of their favorite saltwater species.

2017 3 Outfitting Life Limb

Cold Weather Fishing: Outfitting for Life & Limb

Cold weather fi shing can be detrimental to your health. Here’s a three-pronged approach to avoiding hypothermia

2017 3 The Soco Chief Original

Plug Building 2017 Part 3: The Soco Chief

The SoCo Chief is considered by many vintage plug collectors to be the Holy Grail.

2017 3 Build A Bigger Bass Spread

Troll More Stripers: Build a Bigger Spread

“New school” trolling techniques have broadened the options for striped bass anglers.

2017 3 Heavy Metal Tuna

Offshore Jigging: Heavy Metal Tuna

Jigging for tuna has become the go-to approach for many anglers intent on doing battle with these hard fi ghting pelagics.

More In This Issue

2017 3 The Bloody Grounds

The Bloody Grounds

Smart Striper

Smart Striper

For years I've been fishing Staten Island and one of my favorite spots is a place we called Carmen’s Restaurant.

Boat Review Cat

Boat Review: World CAT 280CC-X

2017 3 Ling Pie

Ling Pie

One of the few saltwater species available to Northeast anglers during the winter is the ling, aka red hake.


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