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May 2020

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With a continued moratorium on the harvest of river herring, anglers have made a science out of fooling big bass in and around schools of tasty “bass candy” like these.

Stalking Stripers: Run and Gun Herring

Herring run methods, new and old, to put you on the stripers this month.

Love ‘em or Hate ‘em: The Bluefish Dilemma

Cyclical by nature, the bluefish population has seen its ups and downs over the years and we appear to be in the midst of a downswing.

On a day when striped bass and bluefish failed to cooperate on a Cape beach, the author saved the trip by landing several fluke on a jig tipped with Gulp.

Be Prepared: Sweat the Small Stuff!

There are plenty of times when packing those extra lures saves the day on what might otherwise be a fruitless outing.

Where migrating striped bass cross paths with spawning-run baitfish, anglers reap great rewards.

River Stripers: Plugging on the Connecticut

Large topwater plugs produce exciting action on the Connecticut River in the spring.

Teasers for bottom fishing

Dance Moves: The Bottom Fishing Jig

Dance that jig-and-teaser to score on fluke, sea bass, scup and more this month and beyond!

Coastal Kayak

Coastal Kayak Clash Prizes

As you read about in the March issue, The Fisherman Magazine is launching a brand-new kayak fishing tournament in 2020, the Coastal Kayak Clash.

A pink Zoom did the trick for Frank Ruczynski

Beyond the Basics: Weakfish 201

Take your weakfish tactics to the next level this spring and dial-in a tiderunner bite of your own.

Which One, When? The Right Jig

The term “jig” encompasses many different lures, here’s a look at three primary styles and how to put them to use on spring striped bass.

Sleigh Rides

Travel Tips: Prepping for Summer Sleigh Rides

Booking your Nantucket doormat trip is the first step to success.

Photo By Jeff Lomonaco

Bring On The Bluefish

There’s nothing more exciting than working a popper for blues, whether from boat or shore, anticipating that the next cast will result in an explosive surface strike.

Chuck Many saw nearly 1,500 stripers released from his boat

May Spotlight: Chuck Many’s Striper Quest

Nearly 1,500 stripers released in a fishing year - not a bad tally for this region.

More In This Issue

Frabill Trophy Haul

Frabill Trophy Haul Power Extend Nets

With anglers become increasing conservation minded, especially when it comes to releasing fish, an increasing number are turning to fish-friendly nets that are easy on the fish and save precious time returning them to the water.


Plano Edge Tackle Boxes

Plano, a longtime innovator and leader in the manufacture of tackle storage boxes, has taken tackle storage to the next level with their new EDGE series.

Not only are sea robins good eating, they are also eligible for entry in The Fisherman Dream Boat Challenge.

Trash Fish or Not?

I used to do a lot of bottom fishing for scup and blowfish when I was a kid.

BOAT REVIEW Pursuit S378 Bow

Boat Review: Pursuit S378 Sport

I had a chance to jump onboard the Pursuit S378 Sport at the Miami Boat Show and the first impression was that she’s an evolutionary step above the usual contemporary center console sportfisher.


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