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May 2020: Issue 11

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Step 4

The Fisherman’s Cookbook: Smoked Trout

Eaten plain or as a dip, smoked trout is a fantastic way to take advantage of a put-and-take fishery.

Hunter was all smiles

Offshore: Sharkin’ – A Family Affair

Shark fishing provides a fun and exciting change of pace for family fishing trips.

Surf What Why

Surf: What, Why, When To Throw

Try to accumulate infor- mation and decipher the code for a given set of conditions, and then se- lect an appropriate lure.

nshore Circle Hooks

Inshore: Getting Used to Circle Hooks

By boat or by beach, it’s time to consider mod- ifying your set-up and hookset approach.

Boat Review Cobia 330 DC 2

Cobia 330DC

I had a chance to jump aboard Cobia’s new 330 DC at the recent Miami Boat Show back in February and this Florida girl is the new queen of their growing dual console fleet, which also includes 22-, 24- and 28-foot models. 

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