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November 2020

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Danger At Sea: Risky Business

There is a case to be made for up-sizing

Over-Sized Plugs: Is Bigger, Better?

Some of the biggest fall blitzes

Last Licks: Rhody End Game

November offers plenty of opportunity and action along the South County shoreline for the mobile surfcaster.

oversized water-wolves as they put on the pre-winter feedbag

Pre-Ice Pike: November Reign

handle with care

Head South: Jersey Road Trip

Pack up and follow the fall run of stripers to extend your surf season well past the Turkey Day feast.

Fig A

Tech Talk: Down Imaging Sonar

Many Nets Glassberg Fish

Oops, They Did It Again: 2020 Northeast Striped Bass Study

And now there are four!

Deep Wrecks

The Late Show: Working Deepwater Wrecks

Sinker bouncing and jigging for deepwater species are among the few options available from November through April, but well worth the effort.  

Last Licks

Last Licks: Late Season Stripers

The November surf can provide a good dose of rod bending action before the curtain closes on the season.

Bucktailing The Surf: Trim A Jig

Bucktailing The Surf: Trim A Jig

Trimming some hair can affect the casting distance, sink rate, swing rate and profile of your bucktail.

Trophy Tautog: Double Digit Do’s And Don’ts

The quest for personal best requires a dedicated effort.

More In This Issue

Courtesy of Navionics

Hot Spot of the Month: Block Island’s South Side

The largest fish that I have ever hooked—and lost—in the surf took place along this fabled stretch of shoreline.

Flip Rocks

Product Review: Flip Rocks

Tale End: First Blue Marlin

Boat Review: World Cat 235 Center Console


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