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September 2018


2018 9 Light Wire Catch

Bass Trolling: Light Wire

Go light and bring the sport back into wire line trolling without sacrificing its effectiveness.

2018 9 Jig A Pencil Catch

Sharpie Secrets: Jig a Pencil

Make that heavily-weighted pencil popper work throughout the water column.

2018 9 Bass Blues Bluefin Cape Ann

Cape Ann Slam: Bass, Blues and Bluefin

From boat and by shore, Cape Ann offers a shot at this trio of fall favorites.

2018 9 Albies And More Fish 2

Fall Fun: Albies & More!

The table is set for some exciting fall action on false albacore, striped bass and bluefish in the surf.

2018 9 Matching Up To Fall Baitfish Fishing

Surf How-To: Matching Up to Fall Baitfish

Matching the hatch is often the answer between success and failure, but there are times when thinking out of the box is the way to go.

2018 9 Downsizing For Jumbos Porgy

Crankbait Porgies: Downsizing For Jumbos

I was very surprised to see that these small plugs appeared to work as well, if not better than bait.

2018 9 Lake Eries Tributaries SteelheadTom Steve

A Steelheading Option: Lake Erie’s Tributaries

Lake Erie’s tributaries offer steelheading as good as anywhere in the region, minus the crowds.

2018 9 Transitioning Into Fall Whales, Birds Tuna On Sandeels

Offshore Strategies: Transitioning Into Fall

The weather part of the equation plays a larger role in determining when and where you fish offshore.

2018 9 Fish A Micro Inlet Author

Sleeper Spots: Fish a Micro Inlet

Score big while fishing from a small spot this fall.

2018 9 Fine Tuning Your Surf Fishing Skills Crazy Al Mecca Striper

Fine Tuning Your Surf Fishing Skills

Fine tuning your presentation can make a world of difference in the surf fishing game.

More In This Issue

2018 9 Hatchett Reef

Hatchett Reef, CT

Hatchett Reef, also known as Four Mile River Reef, is a very fishy place. Located at 41.2684° x 72.2665°, it’s marked by red N “6” on its south end and green C “1” on its north end.

2018 9 Simple Good Fluke

Simple But Good Fluke

As fluke season winds down, you may already have a stash of fillets on hand.

2018 9 Penn Spinfisher Iv

Penn Spinfisher Vi

Before heading to ICAST in Orlando back in July, I’d asked a few fishing buddies if there were any specific products they wanted me to check out; based on my informal polling, the PENN Spinfisher VI looks to be one of the top reels hitting the market this fall!

2018 9 Its All About The Memory Tarpon

It’s All About the Memory

Mrs. Lee Wulff (Joan), I believe, said fishing is a good test of character. A person’s reaction to adversity, especially cold, miserable weather; clearly demonstrates his or her dignity, humor, consideration and resolve.


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